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Star-led summer event at Noah's Ark launched to nurture tomorrow's stars

Art education has always been considered as the best way to ignite children's innate creativity and ability to express themselves. This summer, Noah's Ark has launched the Tomorrow Star Discovery 2014 with a series of activities to release the unlimited potential in them!

Summer creative arts playground

Noah's Ark is teaming up with various Star Tutors to hold a series of fun-learning activities combining creative arts and elements of summer delights to enhance the children's creativity. For example, there are Adventure Drama coordinated by Chung Ying Theatre and Little DJ Training Camp led alternately by 4Lum and Bingo from celebrity DJ Barry Ip's team. There are also other workshops like Cool Sand Sculpturing, K-Pop Dance Party, Little Chef Sweet and Fun, African Drum Fever and Science in Ice. Upon completion of any two activities, children will receive a 'Tomorrow-Star' certificate jointly authorized by star tutors. Some of the activities also encourage interaction between parents and their children to create a fun-filled and memorable summer holiday for them.

Member privilege

Until 31 August 2014 (from Thursday to Sunday), members enjoy upon presentation of membership card: 20% off same-day admission ticket at the Entrance Ticket Office of Noah's Ark, and 25% off dinner buffet at Harvest Restaurant. Click here for details of the above offers.

Pictures are for reference only. They are not representative of actual event arrangements.
All the summer special events are being held until 31 August 2014 from Thursday to Sunday.

Noah's Ark
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Kids are dressing up as explorers at Adventure Drama to look for antidotes to rescue Fun Zebra (first right)
Dance your way to a memorable childhood at the K-Pop Dance Party
Applying sand sculpting techniques, principal of Hong Kong International Sand Sculpture Art Association Chris Shum shows how to produce art pieces from small crafts
Famous DJ 4Lum (first left) leads a bunch of children into the simulated radio station studio for a hands-on experience of being a professional DJ
Swiss rolls with such colourful illustrations are just too cute to eat
Moving drum beats bring out the soul of African music