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Corporate Social Responsibility

SHKP Reading Club

SHKP Reading Club's recent Tasting the Walled City guided cultural tour took book lovers on a tour through the alleys of Kowloon City to visit Hong Kong's oldest temple, Hau Wong Temple, the park created out of the notoriously neglected Kowloon Walled City, as well as stopping at a few speciality eateries including a Chiu Chow bakery, a tofu shop, a fish ball store, and a coffee shop in a revitalised old Chinese medicine clinic, to learn about the shops’ histories and the owners’ hometown stories. Participants had bites of their signature food and tastings of beverage. SHKP Reading Club also recommended a list of books to provide participants with ideas for further reading to expand their knowledge on the food culture of Kowloon City and Hong Kong.

Facebook of SHKP Reading Club: www.facebook.com/shkpreadingclub
Website of "Read For More": www.readformore.com

SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation

Representatives from the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation recently visited Northwest University for the Phase 3 MoU Signing Ceremony of SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Northwest University Scholarship Programme. The Foundation set up the scholarship programme at Northwest University in 2005 to support outstanding students from underprivileged families. In the third phase of programme, the Foundation introduced two new projects, including the SHKP-Kwoks' Student Association and a collaborative research on the Belt and Road Initiative, which will provide further support to Northwest University.

The Hunan University SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Student Association previously held a sharing session on research admission recommendations under the Lu Ming‧Outstanding Students Forum series. All nine beneficiary student speakers at the forum received a research admission recommendation to various leading universities across the country, including Peking University and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Sharing their experience as seniors, they set a good example for junior students at Hunan University, and helped create a great atmosphere for further studies.

Participants of Tasting the Walled City cultural tour by SHKP Reading Club paying witness to historical change in Kowloon City
SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Associate Director Terry Li (front left) and Northwest University Vice President Chang Jiang (front right) signed a memorandum of understanding
SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation helps promising students with limited means to study at the Hunan University for nurturing future leaders of society