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Experts share tips on living a healthy and relaxing life

Relax your mind and embrace a happy family life. In this era of accelerated pace of life, sleep and rest can probably alleviate the fatigue caused by working through the night, but how do we rest the mind properly so that the body and mind can go through each day relaxingly?

Sharing experience

Starting in June, SHKP Club collaborated with non-profit organization Mental Health Photographic Society to invite professionals from different sectors such as psychiatrists, psychologists, senior nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, etc to share clinical experiences on the SHKP Club website Relaxation Station section, sharing insights on how to adjust mindset and change habits to develop a relaxed attitude to life and find serenity for your heart.

Turning pressure into impetus

The first person to share his experience with members is Dr Mak Wing-chit, Ivan, who said: 'Pressure is not a scary monster; right amount of pressure is a driving force for progress, and helps to enhance performance and personal growth.' A challenge can be seen as a setback or an opportunity, and it actually does not depend on the nature of the event, but on the individual's mindset, which can change the nature of the event and personal mood. Pressure and stress can be driving forces and improve attention, but if excessive and sustained, it will hinder normal life, so we must face the problems caused by pressure with a positive attitude. In this issue, the new section Relaxation Station will share six methods of coping with stress, so that you can 'make friends with stress', enjoy peace of mind and have a more relaxed lifestyle. To know more, please click here.

Six methods that can help you to cope with stress

* Good time management
* Regular schedule for work and rest
* Manage your emotions well
* Don't always shoot for perfection
* Strengthen your body for positive health benefits
* Seek support when necessary

Note: Recommendations provided in the Relaxation Station are for reference only. Readers are encouraged to also consider consulting doctors or relevant professionals for independent opinions before adopting such recommendations.