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'Good mood every day’ - Deepening ties in the family

'Do not let a remark affect your mood all day.' Good mood naturally helps with communication, making family life more harmonious and pleasant, but how to achieve good mood? SHKP Club will be hosting a 'Good mood every day' seminar at the end of July, inviting specialist in psychiatry and cognitive therapist Dr Mak Wing-chit, Ivan and experienced social worker and motivational book writer Chiang Wai-yu to talk about how to keep a good mood, and how to find happiness by appreciating things in life. 

'Good mood every day' seminar

Date 26 July 2014 (Saturday)
Time 14:30 – 17:00
Venue Auditorium, 4/F, Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

1. Happiness starts from appreciation

A lot of research has been conducted on 'happiness' in recent years by psychologists, looking into where to get happiness from, how to enhance the sense of satisfaction with life and what happiness is related to. Through the seminar and games, we can learn skills for achieving happiness, and become happy parents to build happy families.

2. Blissful family life

Understand the importance of family for personal growth and mental health from the perspective of psychiatry and psychology; from couple relationship, parenting to family dynamics, exchange tips to cultivate a happy family.


Chiang Wai-yu

Ms Chiang is an experienced social worker who has published many best-selling inspirational books and is a columnist on the subject of psychology in a number of newspapers. Combining her clinical counselling experience and her knowledge of psychology theories, she often gives lectures to companies and organizations on positive psychology, the Enneagram and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and helps people to regain happiness through her writings and training sessions.

Dr Mak Wing-chit, Ivan

Dr Mak is a fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists. He is also an Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor in the Psychiatric Department, Medical Faculty of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Consistent with his vision in promoting mental health of the general public through photography, he founded the non-profit making organization, Mental Health Photographic Society and he published a book called Souvenir for the Soul ─ Cuba travel by a Hong Kong doctor.