Loving Home Newsletter

Enjoy SHKP hotel's delicacies and have fun shopping at SHKP malls - online!

SHKP Club's online platform allows members to access the latest developments in SHKP anytime anywhere, as well as allows us to better understand the opinions of members and fans through various activities. Apart from regular recommendations of delicacies on the Recommended Dishes section on the SHKP Club website for members, this time we are also arranging two sharing activities for everyone again so that we can better understand your preferences.

Enjoy multi-flavour experience with hotel delicacies

Enjoy gourmet food with your loved ones for an even more enjoyable experience. The Recommended Dishes section on the SHKP Club website introduces delicious dishes offered by hotels under SHKP, so that you have more choices to surprise your dearest him or her from time to time and together enjoy a multi-flavour experience and many memorable moments in a beautiful and elegant dining environment. After introducing the Flowers, Herbs, Teas Temptation by The Chef's Table of the Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East in early June, TOSCA at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong will be presenting to you the First Class menu. Stay tuned for the fantastic gourmet treats by other hotels under SHKP that will continued to be introduced on our website!

'Most Caring Shopping Experience' by SHKP

A caring experience makes your life more enjoyable. The various shopping malls under SHKP strive to provide customers with quality service and let you enjoy the real fun in shopping. We are now having the 'Most Caring Shopping Experience' activity at SHKP e-malls, where we hope to provide customers with more personalized service through your feedback. From now until 4 July 2014, share with us the quality service you experienced in SHKP malls, what was intimate and special about the service and stand a chance to win great prizes.

Share 'Heart-warming Words', spread Loving Home message

The 'Heart-warming Words' regularly broadcasted on the SHKP Club's Cherish Your Family facebook page, weibo and website have received positive response! Share the 'Heart-warming Words' with your loved ones and let him or her feel your love! Spread the Loving Home message, and inject love and positive energy into your life!

Your favorite food in your favourite SHKP mall

SHKP weibo will be holding 'Your favorite food in your favourite SHKP mall' campaign where you can choose your favorite food, and your favourite food stall that you would like to have in SHKP mall so that we can better understand your preferences. Please stay tuned for our latest weibo announcement.

Your Favorite Delicacies in SHKP malls Trade Promotion Competition Licence: 43365

You are welcomed to join the 'Most Caring Shopping Experience' activity at SHKP e-malls