Loving Home Newsletter

Making wish come true for the underprivileged with rice dumpling sharing, day tour and landscaping

A dream coming true is probably the best experience of all, giving us hope and energy to go on in life. SHKP is making wishes come true for both single elders and the underprivileged by giving away rice dumplings and goodie bags around the Dragon Boat Festival, children suffering from serious illness by arranging a tour to a Hong Kong's iconic lookout.

Care for the underprivileged

Right around the Dragon Boat Festival, SHKP's Building Homes with Heart Caring Initiative spread the festive cheer by distributing over 1,000 goodie bags with rice dumplings to underprivileged families. In addition to visiting the disadvantaged at home during Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-autumn Festival over the years, the Initiative also provides immediate financial aid and basic home refurbishments to help needy families rebuild their lives, and has helped over 60,000 people including seniors, new immigrants, ethnic minorities, the disabled and single-parent and low-income families.

Hearty arrangements to make kids' wishes come true

SHKP supported the recent World Wish Day 2014 by leveraging its property portfolio - sponsoring venues in wtc more, East Point City, and Mikiki for the Make-A-Wish Hong Kong charity sale of the Wishing Bears. Last year, the developer provided Make-A-Wish Hong Kong with an office to accommodate its growing manpower needs for enhanced services, raising funds for Hong Kong and Macau children battling life-threatening illnesses. Some of the children and parents who benefitted from the programme were invited to visit the sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck, making six-year-old Ming-wai beam with a smile on her face during her first visit to such a high place to see the 360-degree panoramic view of Hong Kong.

Landscaping for the elderly

Elsewhere, volunteers participated in the SHKP Greenery Project held a sharing and evaluation session recapping their personal experience after the project's inaugural year. The project aimed at beautifying gardens of the Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre and Father Sean Burke Care Home for the Elderly. Through dedicated effort by the volunteers, gardens were made green and lively and they bring joy to the life of the elderly people living there.

SHKP volunteers offer the Festival cheer to seniors and needy families
SHKP volunteers spread warmth to single seniors at home
SHKP Volunteer Team chief leader Michelle Leung (fifth left, front row) and fellow volunteers dispatch plants to elderlies during a SHKP Greenery Project event, encouraging them to embrace a green lifestyle
Children and parents who benefit from Make-A-Wish Hong Kong are taken on a delightful journey at the sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck