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Parents and children played classic games together at SHKP Club's "The Legacy of Loving Home – Experiential Workshop on Games" to foster inter-generational connections

SHKP Club previously organised "The Legacy of Loving Home – Parent-child Experiential Workshop on Games" for members and their children to experience nostalgic games and activities from different generations, promoting deeper inter-generational understanding and parent-child communication, plus embodying the "Legacy of Loving Home" spirit.

Innovated traditional games encouraged communication across generations and embodied the spirit of legacy

Led by a professional instructor, the workshop introduced various classic childhood games for participants to understand what and how the older generations played. With creativity and interesting props, innovative ideas and new methods were added to the typical games, which reflected the evolvement and wisdom behind. In the workshop, traditional Mikado (also known as "Pick-up Sticks") was transformed from a table-top game, to using large (around 3-inch high) bamboo sticks, that members and their children had to use whole body to play. Such adapted design catered to today's tastes for a more challenging and interesting game play; The rules of another typical game namely "Big Wind Blows" were originally based on participants' personal characteristics (such as "players wearing red must go"). Its evolved version incorporated the conditions of surrounding environment (such as "players with a light on head must go"), requiring participants to be more observant and responsive; "Musical Chairs" was also developed from a self-focused game to a collaborative one, each participant needed to work together and find a way for everybody to be seated when the number of chairs was reduced, instead of leaving one player standing. This revised format could enhance inter-generational communication and cultivate mutual understanding between the participating members and children. SHKP Club encourages everyone to establish closer family bonds by playing parent-child games more often in daily lives, fostering a "Loving Home" family life.

Creating heartwarming parent-child moments via interactive and all-new games at party room

Hosted at the Party15 Party Room in life@KCC, the event allowed members to enjoy a whole bunch innovative and interesting gaming facilities with family, including the "Electric Buzz Wire Game" with cool smoke effects and the colourful "LED Rainbow Ball Pit". Multiple featured selfie spots were available for members to take pictures and record the joyful moments with the beloved. There were also classic interactive games with prizes, such as "Happy Rainbow", of which lucky winners could receive special SHKP Club gifts. All members spent a precious and sweet Sunday together with families!

The benefits of game play
  • Playing is important in children's lives to develop the necessary skills for facing and mastering different environments (Guitard et al., 2005)
  • People show a great autonomy in games, and games enable individuals to attain self-regulation and spontaneity (Miller & Robinson, 1963)
  • Games provide a situation to understand the way to express emotions and feel a sense of control (Verenikina et al., 2003)
  • Through games, teenagers can develop skills like teamwork. Compound exercises, problem-solving, trust-building and initiatives are ideal for teenagers and beneficial for physical, social and cognitive development (Miller & Robinson, 1963)

Note: Above information is provided by Play Infinity for reference only.

Participating members and children were devoted to the workshop that used games enhancing parent-child relationship and communication
Participants laughed all the way while playing in the "LED Rainbow Ball Pit"
The thrilling "Electric Buzz Wire Game" was very popular among members