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SHKP Club educational seminar helped members master parenting skills with compassion and sense

SHKP Club is committed to promoting the spirit of a Loving Home and harmonious family life. Recently, a seminar called "Optimum Mix of Compassion and Sense in Parenting" has been held for members. Parent & Child Education Instructor Kay Ho was invited to share tips on establishing a peaceful parent-children relationship, plus striking a good balance between compassion and sense when disciplining kids. Various real life examples were also provided to enable parents to set easily understandable ground rules for children to follow. The response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, with participants keen to inquire about parenting techniques.

We specially share a seminar highlight namely "Trio of Parenting Tips"* with you:

  1. Compassion and Sense – building a compatible parent-children relationship as the foundation for discipline

    • Methods: talk with your kids, read with and play games with them, and provide concrete praise

  2. Patience and Systematic Guidance – cultivating positive behaviours

    • Reinforce good behaviours in a timely, wholehearted and specific way

    • Create a "Good Behaviour Chart" and provide appropriate rewards to establish positive habits

    • Communicate and reach agreements with your children in advance, providing clear instructions to make them become aware of parents' expectation

  3. Being firm and fair – managing children's misbehaviours

    • Children must be accountable for negative behaviours

    • If kids' behaviours do not improve after reprimands, temporarily pause or stop the activity they are engaged in

    • Make children responsible for misbehaviours by reasonably stopping their entertainment and enjoyment

    • When your kids exhibit behaviours that create nuisance, you can temporarily ignore them so that their focus can be led onto something else

    • Set a "Cool-off Zone" for children to calm down

    • Bring children to a place for calming down when they get serious behaviours. Then tell them to continue to behave properly or finish tasks they are supposed to do

Click here to watch the event clip.

*Applicable to children aged 2 or above

Members listened intently to the useful parenting tips and were totally enthralled by the content