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The all-new "Special Japanese Sushi Roll Making" workshop enabled Star Members to enjoy a taste sensation with the loved ones

SHKP Club previously collaborated with The Royal Garden's Shikigiku Japanese Restaurant to organise a "Special Japanese Sushi Roll Making" workshop, where Star Members had the chance to create unique Japanese-style sushi rolls together with family and friends under the guidance of a Japanese sushi chef. The chef also demonstrated how to make shrimp tempura, plus providing numerous handy cooking techniques. After the workshop, members were treated to a delicious Japanese lunch at the restaurant to top off their incredible weekend. We have summarised the recipe and some culinary tips below so that you can make your own sushi rolls and share with the loved ones at anytime.


Ingredients Homemade Sushi Vinegar
2 sheets (large)
Rice vinegar
Sushi rice
Salmon sashimi
Tuna Akami
Senbon Zuke
Gobo Shoyuzuke
Flying fish roe



  1. Mix the sugar and salt into the rice vinegar until dissolved. Add the kombu and turn it to sushi vinegar.

  2. Rinse the sushi rice, and soak it in fresh water for around an hour. Drain the water, add equal parts rice with equal parts water in the rice cooker. Once the rice is cooked, mix the sushi vinegar into the warm rice and spread it out evenly to stop the rice becoming too moist.

  3. Fold and tear both sheets of seaweed into 4 equal pieces, then fold 3 of these pieces in half again, and tear to create 6 equal pieces. Set them aside afterwards.

  4. Place one of the 6 equal seaweed pieces on a bamboo sushi mat, then add the required amount of rice on top (leave 1cm space at the top edge of the seaweed). Put one of the ingredients (salmon sashimi/tuna akami/cucumber/senbon zuke/gobo shoyuzuke) on the sushi rice and begin to roll the bamboo mat inwards, and press it into a triangular-shaped roll. Repeat this with each of the other filling ingredients to make 5 small triangular rolls.

  5. Take 2 grains of rice to use as an adhesive to stick the remaining one-sixth slice and one-fourth slice of seaweed together and form a rectangular shape. Place a layer of sushi rice over the seaweed, leaving a 2cm gap at the top edge. Then spread an even layer of flying fish roe over the rice.

  6. Lay each of the five small rolls on top of the roe, and roll the bamboo mat inwards to create one large sushi roll. Compress the large roll into a triangular shape and cut it into 4 pieces.

Chef's tips

  1. Sushi rice has to be almost entirely cooled before making the sushi rolls.

  2. Avoid adding too much vinegar to the rice. Otherwise, it will be too wet to roll. Mouth-feel and taste will also be affected.

  3. Slightly wet your hands before touching the sushi rice so that it does not stick.

  4. Be gentle when using the bamboo mat, avoid over compacting the rice.

  5. Wet the knife slightly, which helps cut the sushi roll easier.

Food facts

  1. Use a knife to cut the tuna horizontally. Akami is located on the back of a tuna and is both tender and firm. Toro is the meaty flesh on the underbelly of the fish, and is fatty and rich in fish oils.

  2. Senbon Zuke is a Japanese pickled radish that is yellow in colour.

Comments from participants (including Star Member, family and friends)

"It was my first time joining an SHKP Club workshop and it was fantastic. Staff members at The Royal Garden were polite, courteous and with excellent services. They were proactive in addressing our needs. The sushi chef did not only explain and demonstrate everything patiently, but also guide us in details right by our sides, which is a rare experience. I hope to learn about some European dishes in the future."

by Mr and Mrs Yeung

"I am an active supporter for the SHKP Club events, attending a wine tasting and a pet toy workshop before. Every activity is well arranged and there is always something new and exciting.This time was no exception. What impressed me most was the shrimp tempura demonstration, because we were able to see the chef's extraordinary cooking skills closely."

by Ms Lee

"The sushi rolls were not difficult to make. The workshop was suitable for kids and was a great family activity. From the lunch, we were able to taste the famous tempura and other delicious Japanese dishes of this restaurant. We were all so pleased."

by Star Member and his/her relative

Star Member joined hands with her daughter to complete the recipe, which well demonstrated inter-generational cooperation and chemistry
Participants listened in closely to how tempura was made. They also took pictures and recorded videos so that they can re-visit the tips and tricks afterwards
Star Members shared their own sushi creations and enjoyed sweet moments with the loved ones