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Corporate Social Responsibility

SHKP Reading Club

The SHKP Reading Club recently organised a talk titled "More Than a Writer: I Am a Slasher!" at the APM mall to shed light on young people's career paths. The audience learnt about how to become a "slasher" and take on multiple professions, which is an unconventional way to make a living while achieving goals. The talk highlighted that becoming a successful slasher requires three essentials: capability, perseverance, and staying true to oneself. Author Daisy Wong reminded young people to understand own ability well to avoid wasting precious time. Online fiction writer Lwoavie shared how he made his dream come true with the help of the Internet. TV anchor Jacky Jim advised young people to remain curious about the world and broaden horizons by reading.

SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation

The memorandum of understanding signing ceremony of the third phase of SHKP-Kwok's Foundation Nanjing University scholarship programme was held recently. Upon completion of the third phase, a total of 3,000 students will be benefitted with aggregate donations reaching approximately HK$16 million.

Apart from providing underprivileged students with financial aid, the third phase of the programme also allocates funds for student activities in support of the Nanjing University SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Scholarship Alumni Association. This helps motivate students to engage in the community and enrich their school life experience while developing a sense of commitment and responsibility to give back to the country.

Furthermore, SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Executive Director Amy Kwok has been appointed as an honorary member of the Board of Trustees of Nanjing University in recognition of the Foundation's efforts towards invigorating the country through education and science over the years.

The SHKP Reading Club talk attracted a group of young people wishing to become slashers
SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Executive Director Amy Kwok (front right) and Party Secretary of Nanjing University Hu Jinbo (front left) officiate at the memorandum of understanding signing ceremony