Loving Home Newsletter

Channelling the Loving Home spirit at SHKP Club's "Legacy of Loving Home" roving mall exhibition and e-sports relay

In order to encourage the public to pass on family values throughout generations, SHKP Club is organising a roving exhibition named "Legacy of Loving Home - E-sports Pavilion" at designated SHKP malls. This exhibition combines technology with interactive games, enabling everyone to experience the "Legacy of Loving Home" spirit through e-sports. We sincerely invite your participation and spread family love together.

Reflecting the meaningfulness of legacy via our innovative AR e-sports relay run

The "Legacy of Loving Home E-sports Relay Run" at the SHKP Club exhibition is an interactive device that incorporates augmented reality (AR) and e-sports to encourage participants and their friends and family to complete an AR relay run within a time limit. Teams that successfully complete the challenge can select a preferred "Legacy of Loving Home" photo frame for taking a unique photo, and upload it to Facebook to share with friends. The ten teams with the fastest relay times are also qualified for the "Top Ten Runners" leader board as recognition. Such AR relay is designed to stimulate cooperation and chemistry among family members. We hope that participants can experience the meaning and spirit of legacy when passing on the baton.

"Lovey-loving Family" 3D installations promoting intergenerational communication and legacy

The "Legacy of Loving Home - E-sports Pavilion" is accompanied by different 3D art installations highlighting the latest "Ten Traditional Loving Home Spirits", at which you can find lovely comic characters encouraging everyone to pass down valuable family virtues. Come and visit the "Loving Home Cheering Zone" that promotes family communication across generations, you will stand a chance to receive a free gift1 after downloading the "SHKP Club WhatsApp Stickers" plus liking SHKP Club's Facebook page. There are also "Legacy of Loving Home" notebook charity sales at the exhibition on designated dates2, and all proceeds will be donated to the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society. No matter you purchase one for yourself or as a gift for your friends and family, you will be able to give well-wishes to the needy.

Venues "Legacy of Loving Home
- E-sports Pavilion"
Exhibition Period2
"Legacy of Loving Home" Notebook
Dates of Charity Sales2
V city
24-30 April
27 & 28 April
Landmark North
6-14 May
11-13 May
15-22 May
18 & 19 May
23-26 May
25 & 26 May


  1. Gifts are available on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts. Above offer is subject to terms and conditions. Please refer to the announcements at the exhibition location for details.
  2. Activities are subject to change without prior notice.
Family records the heartwarming moment at the "Legacy of Loving Home - E-sports Pavilion"
The "Loving Home Cheering Zone" enables you to express sincere love and feelings towards family members with the "SHKP Club WhatsApp Stickers", promoting communication across generations
The response has been overwhelming, and everyone shows their commitment to and support for passing on family virtues to future generations via the "Ten Traditional Loving Home Spirits" 3D installations