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Exclusive workshop for SHKP Club Star members to unleash creativity and experience the classic taste of handmade puddings

SHKP Club previously joined hands with the Royal Plaza Hotel to organise the "Modern Chinese Pudding Making" workshop of which Star members and their loved ones were taught by the hotel's Chef to prepare the traditional pudding - "Red Dates Pudding with Dried Longan" - in a stylish way. Participants were able to learn various cooking techniques and knowledge, spending a heartwarming weekend with the loved ones. We are delighted to share the recipe of this Chinese pudding as well as some cooking tips here. As such, you can create your own pudding and share with family members and friends anytime.

Red Dates Pudding with Dried Longan

Ingredients (five pieces)

Dried longans 227g
Xinjiang dates (pits removed) 491g
Red dates 302g
Sugar 907g
Water 3.6L
Tapioca starch 1,814g
Coconut milk 4 cans (400ml each)
Sugar 302g
Tapioca starch 605g


  1. First soak the dried longans in warm water, then drain and chop. Set aside.

  2. Place the Xinjiang dates, red dates, sugar and water into a pudding tin. Put the tin in a pot and steam for around 2 hours^ before turning off the heat. Take out the tin after 2-3 hours and allow the mixture to cool to room temperature. Once cooled, strain it with a sieve and mix with the tapioca starch, and set aside afterwards.

  3. Mix the ingredients for the filling together (coconut milk, sugar and tapioca starch) and set aside.

  4. Combine the chopped, dried longans with the mixture of the dates and starch you prepared earlier, and mix well to form a batter. Pour half of this batter into the pudding tin and steam for 10 minutes^. This will be the first layer of the "Red Dates Pudding with Dried Longan". Now pour the coconut filling into the pudding tin and steam for a further 10 minutes^. Finally, pour the remaining batter over the filling to make the third layer by steaming for 20 minutes^.

^ Be reminded to steam the pudding on a high heat at first, and then lower to a medium heat.

Chef's tips

  • Selecting large and plump red dates for this recipe helps improve the fragrance of the pudding, and the fleshy Xinjiang dates enhance the mouth-feel of the dish.

  • This pudding contains different textures, which highly hinges on the individual cooking time of each layer. Please pay close attention to the respective cooking time for each layer and the heat setting required.

  • When preparing the dates mixture and coconut milk filling, make sure to sieve the mixture and always stir in only one direction for a smooth texture.

Comments from participants (including members, family and friends)

  • "The explanation given by the Chef was lively and detailed. The demonstrations were also thoughtfully supplemented by daily examples which made the workshop a memorable one. We learnt a lot since we gained a number of tips and tricks related to dessert- and pudding-making."

  • "This workshop was a great parent-child activity. Making traditional puddings was a new experience for both me and my child, so we felt a great sense of accomplishment when seeing the self-made pudding. Thank you SHKP Club for organising such activity. My family and I had an unforgettable weekend. "

  • "My favourite part of the event was the question-and-answer session because such arrangement gave us a rare opportunity to interact directly with the hotel Chef and exchange cooking ideas."

Throughout the workshop, members followed Chef's recipe and instructions carefully
Pudding-making was a joyful family activity
Participants enjoyed the process of making "Red Dates Pudding with Dried Longan" very much