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Cultivating art in children

Talk about art, and many think elitist, out of touch. If we talk art to children, though, who are free from preconceptions, taking the right approach can allow them to discover artistic interests and enrich their lives.

Composing the song of growth

SHKP and the Hong Kong Arts Festival Society started a Little Arts Lover project. Through a series of sponsored events like performance appreciation, art seminars, music and dance workshops and public performances, the project let young people in Hong Kong learn, appreciate and experience art, and put their knowledge of the arts into practice for holistic development. The project also included local artists visiting many primary schools and encouraging students less familiar with art to sample diverse forms of culture and realize their artistic potential by participating in different activities.

Promoting holistic development

SHKP Chairman and Managing Director Thomas Kwok showed his support by attending a student performance in the final phase of the Little Arts Lovers Project. He enjoyed watching the children demonstrate what they learned and gave them certificates. Mr Kwok believes that art is one of the best things children can do to enrich their lives and balance physical and mental well-being. He said: "I hope they continue to explore and fully develop their interests and potential through different artistic experiences. This will contribute to their holistic development outside of school and ultimately benefit them as they grow up." Over 3,500 students have taken part in the project since it began.

Thomas Kwok (right) listening appreciatively to the children's recital
Children put on a lively dance performance
Children at the II Giardino Armonico show asking Music Director Giovanni Antonini for autographs