Loving Home Newsletter

SHKP Club's "The Legacy of Loving Home" Campaign – families flourish with love

Legacy enables family to pass on precious values to the new generation. SHKP Club adopts "The Legacy of Loving Home" as its annual theme in 2019, and will launch a series of online and offline member activities encouraging everyone to continue the Loving Home spirit, communicate more with family members and care for one another. Family love can then persist and spread.

The Most Treasured Family Heirloom – let love spread throughout the ages

"The Legacy of Loving Home" Campaign for SHKP Club will begin with the "The Most Treasured Family Heirloom" competition. Members and the public are invited to share family heirlooms, including but not limited to decent traditions, unique customs, ingenious handicrafts, Loving Home spirit, inter-generational memories and sweet food memories, as well as the underlying symbolic meanings. We hope to raise the awareness of family values and promote love and care between family members so that a more prosperous family can be established.

The competition will consist of Member Category and Open Category (Junior, Intermediate, Senior). There are no restrictions on age and formats of the entries. We welcome Loving Home stories in the form of text, pictures, poems, models or multimedia videos, etc. The competition offers a rich assortment of the prizes that worth more than HK$200,000 for over 350 prize winners. We look forward to your participation!

Loving Home stories reflecting love between generations

Different heartwarming stories about family heirlooms happen around us all the time. Let’s incarnate the family customs, virtues and traditions via below sharings:

The Jade Ring of Strength

When I was a Primary Three student, I grazed my knee and bursted into tears when I was on the way to a skipping rope race. Once my grandmother saw I felling down, she took off her jade ring and said to me: "Don't give up! Take this ring and you will be empowered for the race!" I was bolstered by my grandmother’s encouragement and felt confident to overcome the challenges ahead. The ring embodies grandmother's teaching on having a "Never Give Up" spirit in times of adversity and is a precious gift that I will always treasure.

Be Generous for the Sweet and Sour Pork

In my childhood, my dad worked as a chef. Every time he came home from work, my brother, sister and I would all go to meet him immediately, waiting for his special sweet and sour pork. As the dish was only a small portion of which there was not much pork, my father always taught me that I should let my younger siblings have their fill first. I always chose to eat the pineapple in the sauce instead, and leave the meat to my brother and sister. We are better off nowadays and I am now a mother, but I still taught my children the very same virtues learnt from my father all the time, ensuring my kids can inherit the good behavior and be always generous to give precedence to siblings.

Mummy's Magic

"1,2,3,4,5,6,7. You will turn into a skeleton if continuing the fight. Let's shake hands and have glutinous rice balls together."

Above is a very interesting poem created by my mother. When I was young, if I ever fought with my brother, she would ask us to read this poem together. Whenever we got to "skeleton", we would be in giggles and completely forgot what we were angry about. I have passed on this poem to my children, in the hope that they will learn to cherish and love one another, and remind them to cool off in seven seconds when getting furious. This little trick is one of our family treasures.

Transforming Noodles

Having noodles on birthday is one of my family traditions. In the old days when I was only a kid, I used to think that the more noodles you ate, the longer the person whose birthday it was would live. This explained why I always ate as much as I could on my grandparents' birthdays, wishing they could live at least till 100 year-old. Although the tradition of longevity noodles has now evolved into having spaghetti, the meaning behind the dish remains. I still wish health and well-being for my family and we can have more happy moments together in the future.

Note: For details of the "The Most Treasured Family Heirloom" competition, please keep an eye out for announcements on the SHKP Club website in late January 2019.