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Victoria Harbour Residence, a waterfront# serviced residence, unveils show flats officially

Victoria Harbour Residence, the new top-of-the-line serviced residence, is managed by SHKP's luxury leasing arm Signature Homes and operated by SHKP Group hotel team and prestigious property management team. The project provides tenants with meticulous hotel-style home services and living experience that is believed to set a new standard for serviced residences at Island East.

Victoria Harbour Residence echoes with SHKP's two flagship serviced suites hotels: Four Seasons Place and The HarbourView Place. Pampering residents with impeccable service that cater to every detail of residents' needs, and equipped with latest digitalised provisions to bring great convenience and hassle-free living. Two high-floor show flats with harbour view have been opened for viewings. You are welcome to make an appointment for viewing tour and experience the comfortable lifestyle at Victoria Harbour Residence.

Incredible transport links and comprehensive community facilities

Victoria Harbour Residence enjoys geographical advantages with its close proximity to a number of multinational corporations and commercial centers. A broad range of supporting facilities and public transport options are available nearby. Being located on Hong Kong Island's major thoroughfare and is adjacent to the Island Eastern Corridor, the project allows residents to have easy access to core business districts like Central. Moreover, the phase one of SHKP's flagship shopping mall on Hong Kong Island, Harbour North@VIC, as well as the stylish new Hotel VIC, are officially open. This enables residents to enjoy an unrivalled convenience of a spot that comprises shopping, entertainment and relaxation.

Enjoy a new smart home with prestigious clubhouse services

To meet the rising demand for premium-quality homes, Victoria Harbour Residence has set its sights on smart living. Residents are able to experience a digitalised lifestyle by using voice control to operate the lightings and air-conditioning systems inside homes. A mobile app can also be downloaded to remotely control the lights and air conditioners, adjust the room temperature, the TV volume and even to select TV channels on the road. Free access to Wi-Fi services is provided by Victoria Harbour Residence for residents to enjoy as well. First batch of 30 units in total are now ready for lease, ranging from one- to two-bedroom. The units are featured with exceptional equipment and provisions include: a Vintec temperature-controlled wine cellar, Japanese Narumi tableware, a Nespresso coffee machine, an induction hob, a microwave, a refrigerator and an oven etc. On top of that, residents can enjoy the comprehensive leisure facilities of the prestigious private clubhouse, Club Vici* for a real taste of deluxe lifestyle.

Victoria Harbour Residence
Address: 133 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Enquiries: (852) 2284 2988
WeChat or WhatsApp: (852) 9661 8200
Website: www.VictoriaHarbourResidence.com


  1. "海璇匯 Victoria Harbour Residence" is the name given to Tower 6 ("Tower 6") of Phase 1B of Victoria Harbour Development ("the Development") for promotion of the letting of the residential units in Tower 6 as serviced apartments. The name is a name used for marketing of the serviced apartments and will not appear in the Deed of Mutual Covenant or any other title deeds and documents of the Development, save that the name may appear in tenancy and licence related documents of the serviced apartments.

  2. Choice Win (H.K.) Limited reserves the right to vary, suspend or terminate the serviced apartments arrangement at any time without prior notice.

  3. This promotional material is not an advertisement for promoting, and does not purport to promote, the sale of any of the residential units in Tower 6 or any other residential property of the Development.

  4. This promotional material does not constitute and must not be construed as any offer or representation, whether express or implied, on the part of Choice Win (H.K.) Limited in relation to the sale, or promotion for the sale, of any residential units in Tower 6 or any other residential property of the Development, and shall not be relied on by any person as such.

  5. Choice Win (H.K.) Limited and the management team reserve their right to amend or change the planned usage of the building's design, specifications, features, floor plans, partitions, materials and facilities without any prior notice. The unit's interior design, exterior design, fittings and finishes shown in this promotional material are subject to any adjustments until project completion and thus are for reference purposes only. The photos may have been edited and/or processed with computerized imaging techniques and are not taken from "海璇匯 Victoria Harbour Residence". They do not illustrate the actual view from any part of "海璇匯 Victoria Harbour Residence". All information, statements and specifications contained in this promotional material are for reference purposes only and shall not form any part of any offer or contract. Terms and conditions of the price of any unit will be managed by individual contracts.

# The above serves only as a brief description of the surrounding area of "海璇匯 Victoria Harbour Residence". Not all units or all parts of all units thereof enjoy the respective scenery. The view is affected by the unit's floor level, orientation, surrounding buildings and environment, and is not applicable to all units or all parts of all units thereof. The surrounding buildings and environment may change from time to time. Choice Win (H.K.) Limited ("Choice Win") does not make any offer, representation, undertaking or warranty whatsoever, whether express or implied, regarding the view and the surrounding environment.

* Choice Win (H.K.) Limited reserves its absolute right to amend or change any parts and any of the facilities of the clubhouse and landscaped garden without any prior notice. The facilities of the clubhouse, landscaped garden and/or recreational facilities and the dates of completion thereof are subject to final approval by the Buildings Department, Lands Department and/or other relevant government authorities. The clubhouse, landscaped garden and/or recreational facilities may not be available for immediate use at the time of move in of the residential properties of Phase 1B of the Development. Moreover, some clubhouse facilities (i.e. Vici Gala, Queen's Pool, Arodagio Spa, Chill Yoga and a part of Harbour-V Fitness) belong to subsequent phase(s) of the Development, which can only be open for use after the completion of the said subsequent phase(s) and upon the satisfaction of all requisite requirements. The use or operation of some of the facilities and/or services may be subject to the consent or permit issued by relevant government departments, or may require additional payments. Names of different areas and facilities of the clubhouse are promotional names used in promotional materials only. Such names will not appear in the deed of mutual covenant, the preliminary agreement for sale and purchase, agreement for sale and purchase, assignment, or any other title deeds or documents.

The master room in two-bedroom show flat at Victoria Harbour Residence
The kitchen in two-bedroom show flat at Victoria Harbour Residence