Loving Home Newsletter

Overwhelming warmth and love at the award presentation ceremony of SHKP Club's "Best Partner in the Family" competition

Every year, SHKP Club organises a territory-wide competition with a different "Loving Home" theme to promote family harmony in Hong Kong. Overwhelming response was received for this year's "Best Partner in the Family" competition which was themed around "Loving Home Together". The award presentation ceremony held earlier was lively and attended by more than 100 people.

Sharing winners' stories and making "Loving Home Together" a reality

This year, SHKP Club produced special display boards highlighting the stories of the champion, first runner up and third prize entries in the ceremony. With this initiative, attendees could feel the love, bonding and warmth conveyed by different families' heartwarming experiences and stories. In addition, the display boards were presented to the winners as souvenirs. Many of the winners embodied the spirit of "Loving Home Together", bringing along family members to attend the ceremony and share the precious moments. Everyone's sincere sharing at the event reflected family love.

Below are some of the comments shared by the winners/ representatives of winning schools at the ceremony:

  • Understanding the true meaning of togetherness with a positive mindset
    "This competition has helped me to reflect on the interactions and relationships in my family. For example, although I find looking after a sick family member exhausting, there are different "family partners" around me for encouragement and support. This alleviates much of my burden. I understand that it is a blessing that we are able to take care of our family together."

  • Actions speak louder than words – a key for family togetherness
    "Even though I am a father with disability, I am determined to take care of my daughter myself. I spent time with my girl to teach her valuable life lessons drawn from my own experiences, show her how to overcome difficulties and how to care for those around her."

  • Promoting family education
    "The competition has helped foster family education outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to think about the importance of spending time with and caring for families. Besides, the flexibility in entries submissions stimulates students' creativity."

  • Using your talents to express love
    "This competition encouraged me to unleash potential and creativity. I made good use of my writing and drawing skills to depict the quality family time between mother and daughter. Though I am not good at speaking, I can still show my deep love towards my family."

In fact, "Best Partner in the Family" is also "Best Partner in Life" because your loved ones are for a lifetime. Regardless of who "Best Partner" is in your family, it is important to accompany each other, to support one another, and to cherish the time that you spend together as a family. Family relationship can then be enhanced!

Many winners attended the ceremony with the loved ones, sharing in the joys of winning
Attendees appreciated the award-winning creations and enjoyed different "Best Partner in the Family" stories