Loving Home Newsletter

Pay it forward to nurture society's leaders of tomorrow

The spirit of the expression 'pay it forward' manifests itself best in parents' unconditional love for their children, as the young ones are often taught to show their reciprocal gratitude by spreading this profound love to others so it will keep going on.

Serving society and people

Law Kai-chung delighted his family last year by winning an SHKP Group Undergraduate scholarship. His mother is a cleaner at SHKP. Her wish was simple. It has always been for Kai-chung to pick a sought-after major in university so he could lead a better life. But for Kai-chung, his aspiration is to become a front-line medical practitioner to help save lives in the emergency room or operating theatre. He eventually convinced his mother of the decision to study nursing.

Yu Wing-yan is another scholarship recipient who is fulfilling her aspirations by studying medical laboratory science, which involves testing patient samples. Her father is a driver at SHKP and is proud of her desire to serve the community.

SHKP mainland and Hong Kong employees benefit

SHKP Chairman and Managing Director Raymond Kwok personally commended the scholarship recipients and encouraged them to be responsible and give back to society after graduating. A total of 37 have received scholarships since the scheme began in 2010 to support their education at many renowned institutions including the University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Nanjing Southeast University and Beijing Institute of Technology. SHKP extended the scholarship scheme to children of mainland employees in 2013, to provide more opportunities for highly-motivated students.