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Seeking kindred spirits for a good read

The pleasure of reading is in the freedom. Getting immersed in a book line by line or just flipping through takes the mind away and brings inner peace. Picking up a book to read is one form of entertainment, but the real joy is in learning from and exchanging ideas with fellow book-lovers to discover new insights.

Join the SHKP Reading Club

SHKP set up a new reading club late last year to facilitate reading and sharing. The club organizes literary activities and prints a free Read Monthly to encourage more people to savour the joys of reading. The SHKP Reading Club recently staged a popular parent-child seminar on Making New Year Resolutions. Prominent property market expert Shih Wing-ching, renowned film director Alfred Cheung and parent-child relationship expert Blanche Tang spoke about how parents can guide children of different ages to come up with annual goals. The Reading Club will also organize other activities such as reading and writing workshops and camps this year. You can join and discover the greater joys of reading with fellow book-lovers.

Teaching underprivileged children the fun of reading

Elsewhere, SHKP Chairman and Managing Director Thomas Kwok recently attended the opening of the St James’ Settlement library, where he entertained primary school children with stories and games. SHKP has partnered with St James’ Settlement to promote reading for many years; most recently with SHKP sponsoring the setting up of the St James’ Settlement Library and purchasing books. The two have a year-long life education programme called the SHKP Read to Learn – Building Good Character project. There will be activities such as reading, games, role-playing and story-telling workshops each month to promote reading so that underprivileged children get a reading habit at a young age.



Raymond Kwok (right) talks to the seminar audience about cultivating a reading habit in children
Thomas Kwok telling primary school children a story