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YATA Supermarket (Mong Kok) opens Pop-Up Supermarket in MOKO atrium

As a response to the improvement plan for MOKO, YATA Supermarket (Mong Kok) – originally located on L3 of the shopping mall - has now opened a Pop-Up Supermarket in the atrium where it will continue to provide quality Japanese supermarket services.

Joining MOKO's L5 next year

After the completion of the mall optimization project, YATA Supermarket (Mong Kok) will be relocated to L5 of MOKO early next year, bringing with it, more space and a brand new shopping experience. In addition to red wine, sake, noodles, sauces, snacks, baby food, etc., the Pop-Up Supermarket currently open in the atrium also sells cheese, frozen seafood and meat, and fresh fruits and vegetables so that nearby residents can make purchases for their daily needs. YATA Supermarket will also regularly hold small-scale themed food festivals, and set up four beverage vending machines for more convenience and choices.

YATA online shopping "Full Moon Celebration" Mid-Autumn hamper promotion - show your kindness with fruits and delicacies

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, from now until 11 September, YATA eGift online shopping platform launches various Mid-Autumn gift baskets packed full of fruits and delicacies. YATA also offers a free delivery service, which is ideal for sending gifts to your friends, family or business partners! A 5% discount can be enjoyed if the delivery period is within 3-7 September. Click here for details.

Note: Pictures are representative only.

Deluxe Japanese Fruit Hamper
Festive Indulgent Hamper
Hong Kong Handcraft Delicious
Sake and Nagano Peach Gift Box