Loving Home Newsletter

New SHKP guided tour programme encourages community inclusion

SHKP recently began a new guided tour programme to promote interaction between the physically handicapped and able bodied to achieve cultural integration, taking groups of handicapped people to the sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck and Noah's Ark Hong Kong. The programme is meant to encourage the handicapped to venture out of their familiar surroundings to widen their horizons and feel society's care and concern.

A bridge for inclusion

SHKP Chairman and Managing Director Raymond Kwok visited sky100 with a group of children with hearing disabilities and wheelchair users to start the programme. He said: "SHKP has always been committed to serving the community and showing care for the needy. We understand that the handicapped tend to come out less for various reasons, and we hope they enjoy the excursions to sky100 and Noah's Ark and become more active in future."

Youth tour guides

The new guided tour programme is still in its pilot stage. It currently takes in people referred by non-profit organizations the Hong Kong Association of the Deaf, Direction Association for the Handicapped and Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth and their relatives for free tours of sky100 and Noah's Ark. The programme will be extended to other organizations so that more handicapped people can benefit. SHKP also recruited local and mainland youths studying or working in Hong Kong to train and act as tour guides.