Loving Home Newsletter

Sharing of champion entries in the "Best Partner in the Family" competition demonstrates the "Loving Home Together" spirit

SHKP Club actively promotes quality family life. This year, the Club hosted the "Best Partner in the Family" competition with theme on "Loving Home Together". The response to this competition was overwhelming. It was supported by participants at different ages and more than 10,000 entries were received.

The entries fully reflected participants' creativity and effort. Submissions ranged from essays, poems, drawings, videos to handicrafts, showcasing attributes of the best family partners from different perspectives. Participants also presented how they co-worked with family members to overcome obstacles, acquired personal development thorough mutual support, and conveyed the bonding and warmth in their families.

Below are highlights about the champion entry in each category:

Member Category: "My Daughter, the Best Partner in the Family", Chiu Dan Hung

Theme: Overcoming Difficulties Together and Achieving Success

Dan Hung is an art teacher who is hard of hearing. Her daughter helped her overcome difficulties at work from time to time, such as liaising with her mother's work partners on the phone, standing in for her mother as a painting teacher when her mother was extremely busy and working together with her mom to complete large-scale mural paintings. Dan Hung also guided her daughter when she encountered design issues. Both mother and daughter complement one another, communicate, encourage and collaborate with each other, which turns them into reliable partner in daily life and at work offering support and momentum. Dan Hung's artworks received great recognition and were used by different government organisations and social welfare groups too.

Open Category - Junior: "Sibling Love, My Little Brother", Cheng Yee Ching

Theme: Growing Hand in Hand with Love

Yee Ching is only a Primary One student. Despite her young age, she ingeniously combined drawings, texts and various photos of her life to create an innovative and heart-warming entry for the competition. She showcased the close relationship with her brother and how they spent precious time together. Yee Ching and her brother played together, worked together to carry heavy items for their mother, took care of each other, and even hugged each other when taking a nap. Although Yee Ching is still young, she feels thankful that her little brother will always stand by her side to get through the challenges and difficulties that may happen in her future life.

Open Category – Intermediate: "The Best Partner in the Family", Lee Lok Man

Theme: Working Side-by-Side with Grandma as "Family Mediators"

Lok Man was looked after by her grandmother from a young age and since then they had established a deep connection with one another. They often served as "Family Mediators" side-by-side, acting as a bridge of communication between Lok Man's sisters and her parents. Grandmother first approached the parents and understood their way of thinking. She then discussed and analysed the situation with Lok Man and they came up with solutions together. After that, Lok Man conveyed parent's ideas to her younger sisters, making sure to steer clear of potential misunderstanding. In this way, both Lok Man and her grandmother became best partner in maintaining family harmony.

Open Category - Senior: "Making Birthday Cake Together", Fung Wan Yee

Theme: Cherishing the Valuable Family Time and Creating Sweet Moments

For every birthday in the family, Wan Yee bakes a cake with her son as celebration and let the family members feel the warmth. She has hand-painted a colorful drawing and creatively presented her family of four as interesting cartoon characters in bees that are devoted to baking cakes together with joy and love. Her entry depicts the deep connection and relationship with her sons and husband. It also brings about delighting family members in daily life helps foster a sweet and pleasant family.

Based on the entries received across different categories, we can summarise that below attributes are always possessed by the "Best Partner in the Family":

  • Being attentive, caring and encouraging

  • Actively share work in the family and in everyday life

  • Accompany you as you grow and experience different stages in life

  • Always help you achieve personal growth, make breakthroughs and solve problems

  • Complement and support each other well in despite of different characters

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Cheng Yee Ching (champion in the Open Category – Junior) demonstrates the warmth and love with her little brother in the entry, indicating they are best lifelong family partner for each other
In her innovative and multicolored drawing, Fung Wan Yee (champion in the Open Category – Senior) expresses the satisfaction and love involved when creating birthday surprises together with her sons