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Inspiring journeys for the grassroots

The key to happiness isn't what you have, but how much you treasure it. Four warriors against disadvantage spoke at the launch of the '5 Loaves & 2 Fish Heartening Initiative' to explain how they were determined to overcome setbacks and make the most of their happiness by carving out a place in life.

Beating adversity

The four who received Noah's Ark Hong Kong Rainbow Positive Energy Warrior awards were Yeung Hiu-lam – an Asian Youth Para Games Boccia champion who has had cerebral palsy from a young age, Fung Hiu-yan – who completed a 3-km wheelchair race with grit and determination despite hydrocephalus and spinal problems, Yip Cho-yi – the product of a single-parent family who has to juggle studies and housework but still finds time in her busy schedule to volunteer, and So Man-chung – a young leukaemia sufferer who nonetheless manages to do charity work to lend a helping hand to the needy.

Promoting inclusiveness through love

SHKP Chairman and Managing Director Thomas Kwok told the audience that he, like many of his generation, has had the experience of modest living growing up, and so can empathize with the difficulties of the less fortunate and tries to help where he can. The 5 Loaves & 2 Fish Heartening Initiative at Noah's Ark started in January and will run to March this year. Some 5,000 underprivileged including children from single-parent families, low-income families, young ex-drug abusers, street sleepers, elderly people living alone and patients in recovery are invited through volunteer organizations to make a meaningful visit to Noah's Ark. The goal is to promote a more inclusive society by letting people feel love and care surrounded by nature.


Thomas Kwok (left) serving food to the disadvantaged
Thomas Kwok (centre) talking about growing up with the four Positive Energy Warriors