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Marrying charity and sport – "Run! Let's Go!"

Giving makes people happy and exercising keeps them fit, so combining the two kills two birds with one stone. More that 1,000 staff and their relatives followed SHKP Chairmen and Managing Directors Thomas and Raymond Kwok to run in the Community Chest Corporate Challenge early this year. The event raised more than HK$6 million, all going to elderly services funded by the Chest.

Family workout

SHKP has long promoted a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, as well as supported different charities. Thomas Kwok spoke at the starting line and complimented the participants on doing their part for charity through their love of sport and for striving for a balanced lifestyle by keeping fit. Raymond Kwok encouraged employees to bond and spend quality time with their families by engaging in activities like brisk walking, jogging or hiking together.

Proud event sponsors for 19 years and counting

This was the 19th year that SHKP sponsored the Community Chest Corporate Challenge. More than 1,000 SHKP runners wore the same special kit, making them stand out at the race. SHKP volunteers were also there handing out souvenir towels, mugs and other mementos to participants. SHKP's Royal Plaza Hotel catered snacks, fruit and meals to thank the participants for supporting the charity run.

Thomas (left) and Raymond Kwok (right) encouraging employees to do their part for charity