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New units of Shanghai Arch in market soon

Shanghai Arch is a major residential development in the Lujiazui finance and trade zone by SHKP. More units in the first phase will be made available to cater for the keen local demand for quality of life.

Scenic views of the surroundings

There will be an addition of 60-plus units in Blocks 1 and 2 of Shanghai Arch available in batches soon, including two- to four-bedroom units ranging from 1,800 to 3,700 square feet, penthouse duplexes, and special units with garden and basement. From Block 1 of Shanghai Arch, residents can enjoy a 270-degree view of the Huangpu River, and happening scene of the famous Bund.


Units in the first phase of Shanghai Arch were handed over in mid December 2013 and the new owners were pleased with the quality of the units. Shanghai Arch is managed by SHKP's Kai Shing (Shanghai Kai Shing). The developer's mantra is Check, Check, Check, which means that its inspection crew checks each detail several times to ensure that the property meets the highest quality standards. SHKP has had an inter-departmental handover team of experts to monitor the design and construction of properties since 1966, and has stringent standards for facilities and construction quality in each unit before handover. The team also follows up on handover matters and repairs after owners move in, assigning contractors to carry out work if problems are discovered.

Exclusive app for privacy and convenience

SHKP has special moving in gifts for owners – in the form of an iPad mini with the Shanghai Arch app. The iPads are customized for the owners and display his or her name on start up. The app also lets users browse property information and services like things to note during handover, a document checklist, transport information, interactive map, tips on inspecting the unit and more. They will eventually let owners look up information on clubhouse facilities and schedule activities. All information transmitted through the app will be encrypted for residents' privacy and convenience.

Shanghai Arch
Website: www.shanghaiarch.com
(852) 3119 0008 (Hong Kong)
(8621) 5882 6888 (Shanghai)

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Grand entrance to the property
Excellent materials win over owners
In a prime area in Lujiazui with excellent transport