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Step into the amazing movie world at MOVIE TOWN, New Town Plaza

MOVIE TOWN, the cinema complex, was now opened at New Town Plaza, Shatin. Come to enjoy the brand-new entertainment experience.

The first Samsung Onyx Cinema LED house in Hong Kong

Offering up to 1,700 seats in 7 houses, Movie Town is the first in Hong Kong to feature Samsung's latest "Onyx Cinema LED" screen, With LED Ultra HD 4K screen, seamless installation of monitors with highly accurate calibration, Samsung Onyx LED screen enables perfect pictures and makes the audience feel like they are inside the movie. The RealD house is equipped with RealD Ultimate screen, RealD 3D system, Dolby® Atmos™ audio system and Buttkicker vibrating seats, which provides a revolutionary 3D movie experience for moviegoers. The MX4D house is equipped with multi-directional moving seats that provide vibration, bounce and air blast effects and features wind, strobe flashes and fog effects. Combining a total of 11 sensory effects with professional speakers from the UK's top brand, Bowers & Wilkins, viewers can experience a true-to-life full-sensory movie experience.

Buy tickets on the New Town Plaza mobile app without service charge and enjoy a dazzling line-up of snacks

MOVIE TOWN offers customers a diversified movie experience. Customers who purchase movie tickets via the New Town Plaza app can have the service charge waived. Furthermore, MOVIE TOWN will organise themed events related to art, culture and lifestyle, as well as concerts, stage shows, Western and Chinese operas and sports competitions broadcasted around the world. This redefines the inherent model of "being stuck in front of a screen for movies". If you are an early bird or a night owl, you can’t miss the early-morning or mid-night shows at MOVIE TOWN, because a 2D movie ticket is just HK$50! In addition, you can choose special snacks at MOVIE TOWN to enjoy with friends and family, such as Beijing duck pancakes, American-style sweet potatoes, Italian paninis, English scones and Mexican avocado tortillas, etc.

Address: Level 1, 2 and 3 of New Town Plaza Phase One (MTR Shatin Exit A)
Website: www.newtownplaza.com.hk/movie-town

No service charge when purchasing tickets on your smartphone via the New Town Plaza mobile app. Admission by QR code is also available
At MOVIE TOWN, each of the seven houses features different audio and video equipment
The MOVIE TOWN Snack Bar offers specialty foods that make watching movies an amazing experience