Loving Home Newsletter

SHKP Quality Campaign – a team effort

SHKP began a new Quality Campaign last year, providing a three-year guarantee on new flats, setting up the SHKP Quality Academy and producing a mini-drama series on the Campaign. These efforts go to show that SHKP is committed to delivering the best products and service to customers through professional staff and a desire for perfection.

SHKP Quality Academy nurturing talent

The SHKP Quality Academy, begun late last year, aims at updating professional knowledge among staff. The courses are catered to the company’s various businesses, such as the Building Construction and Safety course for employees in the construction department, the Residential Property Elite class for property management staff and the SHKP Building Quality Assurance talk for all staff. SHKP pays attention to detail when it comes to property management and meticulous customer service to make customers feel at home wherever they are.

Drama series on the SHKP brand

The Quality Campaign’s mini-drama series will continue to be uploaded onto the SHKP website for viewing. The series is divided into different episodes, such as Concerted Effort that portrays a united SHKP team working toward a common goal, Master Craftsmen which is about SHKP's stringent requirements for construction workers it hires, and Eye for Detail that shows how meticulous SHKP is when inspecting properties. In the Exceeding Expectations and Quality Assurance episodes, SHKP Deputy Managing Directors Mike Wong and Victor Lui are featured talking about SHKP's brand and how it strives to meet customer expectations. 

SHKP Deputy Managing Director Mike Wong on SHKP's brand
SHKP Deputy Managing Director Victor Lui on how SHKP strives to meet customer expectations
Employee checking windows for leaks with a high-pressure hose
Alex Fong (right) and Joman Chiang in the series about SHKP staff professionalism