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SHKP malls in Beijing and Shanghai

SHKP's malls in Beijing and Shanghai host a variety of sports-themed events, making everyone feel like a sports fanatic!

Beijing apm

Football-themed decorations and set-up bring excitement and of vibrancy to the Beijing apm! In the apm venue, attractions include a football game wall for climbing, an interactive treading light, magical hemispherical interactive projections, as well as other features - all of which have been made to show different football matches, either live or via broadcasts. In addition, selfie DIY rewards, interactive gourmet gift vouchers, goalkeeper experience video-shooting and several other great activities are also available - which promotes football fever to its highest level!

iapm mall

iapm mall is now launching some of its "Summer Sports, Travel Delights" activities. You can simply use a smartphone to scan the QR code on the promotional materials, sign in on the exclusive event page, and get free "Meituan Car-Hailing" discount coupons. In addition, when you spend a specific amount of money at iapm, and present the same-day ride record with the destination as iapm mall, you can redeem a stylish sports backpack for free.

Shanghai ifc mall

Many people like to use a sports camera or smartphone to take a selfie. Shanghai ifc mall is holding a "Summer Fun, Let's Meet in IFC" activity to encourage participants to send their sportswear photos taken at the Shanghai ifc mall with a description of no more than 20 words to the mall's WeChat public account. Participants of the top three popular selfies are entitled a special summer gift pack.


  • The special football events in Beijing apm will be held from now until 22 July.

  • "Summer Sports, Travel Delights" of iapm mall runs until 15 July.

  • "Summer Fun, Let's Meet in IFC" runs until 30 June.

  • Pictures are representative only.

Beijing apm
Address: 138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District
Transport: Metro line 1, Wangfujing station or line 5, Dengshikou station
Website: www.beijingapm.cn
Weibo: www.weibo.com/beijingapm

iapm mall
Address: 999 Middle Huai Hai Road, Xuhui District
Transport: Metro lines 1, 10 or 12, South Shaanxi Road station
Weibo: www.weibo.com/iapmshoppingmall

Shanghai ifc mall
Address: 8 Century Avenue, Lujiazui District, Pudong, Shanghai
Transport: Metro line 2, Lujiazui station exit 6
Website: www.shanghaiifcmall.com.cn
Weibo: www.weibo.com/shanghaiifcmall

Beijing apm
iapm mall
Shanghai ifc mall