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Maureen Fung: Shopping malls add happiness and positive energy to society

Shopping mall leasing and marketing is a happy business according to Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency General Manager (Leasing) Maureen Fung. She says: “You have to enjoy it before you can think up products and service that makes customers happy!”

Mall operation takes effort and customer feedback

Maureen thinks that having a good understanding of data must be supplemented by a people-oriented attitude and attention to detail, because in her words: “Customers have higher expectations of us than for our peers!” Maureen gave apm as an example, because she and her team considered target customers and then developed the innovative late-night shopping concept and make the mall a place to perform and showcase creativity.

Keep believing

Maureen is helping SHKP develop its shopping mall business on the mainland with Shanghai IFC and IAPM at Shanghai ICC. IAPM is in Puxi – Shanghai’s traditional business district and Shanghai IFC is in Pudong, which is a developing new financial district and offering great challenges. She said that while SHKP’s shopping mall operations are successful in Hong Kong, they can’t just be copied for the mainland without adjustment to appeal to the local culture.

Lifelong learning drives progress

She thinks that malls are like second homes to customers and must bring positive energy to society, saying: “We want people to have fun and be happy in our malls, whether they spend money or not.” SHKP constantly renovates and adds value in order to keep its malls fresh and exciting. Maureen puts SHKP’s philosophy of lifelong learning into effect and constantly pushes herself and strives to train talented people to take up SHKP’s mission.

Maureen Fung pays attention to happy business
Smiling faces motivate Maureen to move forward