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The SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation continues its scholarship programme at Tianjin University

The SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation and Tianjin University recently signed an agreement for a new phase of the scholarship programme the Foundation established at Tianjin University in 2009. To date, the total amount of donations granted has topped RMB10 million, benefitting more than 1,700 students.

Nurturing talent to give back to society

At the signing ceremony, Tianjin University Alumni Association Chairman (Former Party Secretary of the University) Liu Jianping expressed his gratitude to the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation for its trust and generous donations. He said beneficiaries have enjoyed promising prospects and careers in various fields after graduation. He is also encouraged to see them giving back to their alma mater as well as to society while being able to enjoy better lives. SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Executive Director Amy Kwok congratulated Mr Liu on Tianjin University's exemplary standing in the recent "Double First-Class Initiative" published by the State Ministry of Education, which is a testament to the academic excellence of the University's Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Management Science, and Engineering programmes. She was also pleased to see that the University's efforts to nurture talent will complement the national Belt and Road initiative. She said: "The SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation believes that giving young people an opportunity to receive university education can maximize their talents, and they can contribute to the nation's development with their knowledge in the future."