Loving Home Newsletter

Take part in SHKP Club's 'Loving Home Together' events

Following the success of the 'Best Partner Contest', SHKP Club now presents the 'Loving Home Together' lecture series with the theme of 'Be a Good Companion to Your Child', as well as the sale of the 'Loving Home Together' Notebook for charity. All of these activities are designed to spread family love even more deeply.

Parent-child education expert Michael Leung talks about how to 'Be a Good Companion to Your Child'

Every parent is a source of knowledge to their child. Raise your kids and be their 'partner', that is a son or daughter who you wholly support and help, will absolutely play a positive role toward their healthy growth into adulthood. SHKP Club will hold the first talk in its 'Loving Home Together' seminar series during the middle of March, which will be given by veteran radio host and parent-child education expert Michael Leung who will share his thoughts with Club members about how to 'Be a Good Companion to Your Child'. This seminar is free, so please look out for the latest news from the SHKP Club.

Notebook sale for charity

SHKP Club is launching a new 'Loving Home Together' notebook, featuring the Lovey-loving Family cartoon series Heartwarming Moments as well as helpful tips from experienced social workers and parent-child education experts. It also contains physical and mental health advice from the 'Plans for Family Health Campaign'. The notebooks are priced at HK$30 each, with all proceeds donated to the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society to support those in need. Buy one for yourself or loved ones to start a healthier lifestyle and help create more loving families. We will also be doing the rounds of selected SHKP malls to sell 'Loving Home Together' Notebooks. You can also get hold of one by visiting the Club's office during office hours or by clicking here to order one online.

Let's support the SHKP Club's 'Loving Home Together' Notebook charity sale