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Special edition: New Year happenings at SHKP malls

See off the Year of the Rooster, and usher in the Year of the Dog amidst a chorus of fortuitous 'bow-wows'! Wondering what New Year activities and programs SHKP's four major shopping malls have in store for you? Come and take a look at our brilliant introduction!

New Town Plaza: Happy Lunar New Year with LEGO®

When you enter New Town Plaza and look around, you'll find a specially decorated scene overflowing with a festive Spring Festival atmosphere. Approach and take a closer look — each original art installation is composed of LEGO® building blocks! The main eye-catching attraction is a giant dancing Chinese lion, a sculpture comprising 150,000 LEGO® bricks 2 meters wide and reaching a height of 1.6 meters! There are also traditional Chinese-style mansions, rickshaws powered by Uncle, a LEGO® minifigure, and other LEGO® minifigure family members and friends engaged in a game of mahjong. For LEGO® fans, the Mall will also be handing out limited edition LEGO® Minifigure Red Packets, each featuring one of 38 minifigures and a humorous and trendy New Year's greeting based on a pun. Visitors who claim expertise in the use of building blocks can showcase their mastery by trying their hand at constructing miniature versions of the Symbol of Wealth, Marriage Lantern and Wishing Pavilion designed by LEGO® certified professional master Andy Hung.

Warm Lunar New Year greetings from Wallace and Gromit

apm proudly presents the collaboration with main character 'Gromit' from British renowned animation Wallace and Gromit in a large-scale promotional event to celebrate the Lunar New Year Festival. The five must-go spots in 6,000-foot-high Gromit's CNY decoration including: Gromit's giant mansion festooned with New Year's decorations; a 12-foot high, motorized Gromit as the God of Fortune; the Gromit Star Art Gallery with its trendy, festive look custom-designed for Gromit by Hong Kong and international celebrities and artists; a Romantic Peach Blossom Garden; and a Magic Mirror that employs facial recognition technology and a mirror-based induction system to personalize your own Red Lucky Couplet/Fai Chun. Meanwhile, to see out the old year together with everyone, apm will also launch a series of activities, including a super fun electronic fortune-telling game, a trendy Lunar New Year Flea Market, and New Year's Eve Countdown to the incoming Lucky Year of the Dog.

Landmark North presents: Rippling Blossoms • 3D Paper Art Garden

Though the lotus is noble and delicate, its fragrance carries afar, a metaphor suggesting that time extends into the distant future, year upon year. Landmark North, in collaboration with renowned Poland artist Bożka Rydlewska, will launch an exhibition - Rippling Blossoms • 3D Paper Art Garden. You will be guided into a surreal space to admire a 5m high, giant lotus-themed installation. Inside the paper arts gallery is displayed various three-dimensional hand-crafted pop-up works, such as Lotus and The Garden, and also the New Botany Series of flat graphics. Aside from enjoying the exquisitely beautiful forms of flora and fauna in Nature, you can also take part in a virtual reality journey entitled 'Butterflies in the Garden of Ten Thousand Flowers', a bewitching 3D world of intersecting flowers — experienced via your senses of hearing, smell, and touch, along with enhanced 360-degree vision that recalls Alice in Wonderland's fantastic voyage to the bottom of the rabbit hole.

V city: Spring Festival with The Powerpuff Girls

This time around, V city will bring you a variety of Lunar New Year surprises! The cute and lively Powerpuff Girls — Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup — will be onsite to wish you a happy New Year. There will be DIY workshops where you can use your hands to make 3D, paper-cut Fai Chun and Chinese-style 'lucky hand drums' based on a puppy theme. Or you can participate in the 'Good Fortune Painting' for the New Year activity, and decorate your face or hands with an auspicious pattern. For those of you who love to sing, don't forget to sign up for the 'New Superstars Sing in the New Year' activity, and seize the opportunity to let your vocal cords echo at V city! In addition, the God of Wealth will personally visit V city on the first, second and third days of the Lunar New Year to wish everyone a 'Happy Year of the Dog' and distribute a bevy of darling doggie dolls. On the tenth day, the Spring Festival Lion will take to the stage to perform its ritualistic dance. May good fortune come rolling your way throughout the New Year!

Dates of the activities:

  • New Town Plaza's Happy Lunar New Year with LEGO® runs until 4 March.

  • apm's Super Invincible Guard Dog Gromit promotional event runs until 4 March.

  • Landmark North's Rippling Blossoms • 3D Paper Art Garden runs until 11 March.

  • V city's Spring Festival with The Powpuff Girls special events will be held during Lunar New Year, please click here to visit their website.

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