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A New Year treat from the Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong: Golden Lucky Sugar Rings

Deep-fried sugar rings are a traditional treat that Hong Kong families have eaten to celebrate Chinese New Year for many years. Their circular shape symbolises wealth and good fortune. The Lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong will include this traditional snack in its New Year's afternoon tea menu from the first until the fourth day of the Lunar New Year (16 to 19 February). Executive Pastry Chef Ringo Chan shares his personal recipe (below) with readers along with his wishes for a 'golden' New Year filled with good fortune!

Golden Lucky Sugar Rings

Ingredients (about 30 pieces)

Plain flour 120g
Corn starch 80g
Baking powder 2g
Instant custard powder 16g
Sugar 76g
Egg 2 pieces
Water 300ml
Canola oil as appropriate


Golden Lucky Sugar Rings


  1. Sieve out the impurities and lumps from plain flour.

  2. Place the plain flour in a bowl with corn starch, baking powder, instant custard powder and sugar. Next, add water and egg, and mix until the consistency is smooth. Sieve out any lumps from the mixture and set aside for later use.

  3. Place the sugar ring mould in an oiled pan and heat the pan to approximately 150°C.

  4. Put the mould in the mixture for approximately 10 seconds. Don't let the paste completely cover the top of the mould.

  5. Put the mould coated with the paste back in the pan, then deep fry until the shape of the paste is fixed. Afterward, remove the ring from the mould. Scoop it up with a slotted spoon, then flip the ring over and continue to fry until the entire ring turns a golden-brown colour.

  6. Scoop up the golden-brown sugar ring and place it onto a paper towel to absorb the excess oil. The ring is now ready to be eaten.

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Golden Lucky Sugar Rings
Ringo Chan, Executive Pastry Chef of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong