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Start the new year energetically with SHKP Club's Lovey-loving Family Dance

SHKP Club is celebrating the festive season with the launch of the Lovey-loving Family Dance as well as sharing a series of awesome SHKP Club winter Facebook events with everyone over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Keep fit and dance your way to health and happiness

Exercise not only strengthens the body, it also brings people a great deal of pleasure as well as promotes mental and physical well-being. SHKP Club has invited the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China to design the Lovey-loving Family Dance, comprising four sets of exercises that provide different benefits. None of these exercises requires any special equipment or devices, and all of them can be done anywhere at any time together with friends or family, helping everyone to keep moving and stay healthy.

SHKP Club's Lovey-loving Family Dance includes the following four groups of dynamic exercises: 1. Warm up and stretch, 2. Weightlifting movements to strengthen your arms, 3. Jumping to strengthen heart and lungs, and 4. Wiggle, wiggle and build muscle. The video clip of around two minutes is available on the SHKP Club website and YouTube channel as well as on the Cherish Your Family Facebook page(新地會「珍惜‧愛家人」), so we invite you and your family to get up and join in! Please click here to watch the video clip. The Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China recommends that everyone do the dancercise three times per day and spend about ten minutes each time. Remember to do warm-up and relaxation exercises before and after doing the dancercise. The Association also explains that anyone can strengthen their physique through exercise as long as they keep up these programme of simple exercises over the long term*.

Join our online events for learning more about the exercise

In order to help everyone better understand the effects of each set of exercises, we will be running a Facebook quiz on the SHKP Club's Lovey-loving Family Dance along with special prizes. All you have to do to enter is watch the video clip of the Lovey-loving Family Dance and answer the questions about which benefits are best achieved by the exercises in the corresponding photos. The first 100 eligible SHKP Club members who are SHKP Club Facebook fans to answer correctly will get chances to receive a lovely Golden Smile yoghurt dessert from popular brand - Smile Yoghurt. Please keep an eye on the SHKP Club Cherish Your Family Facebook page for details.

Brief introduction of SHKP Club's Lovey-loving Family Dance*

1. Warm up and stretch

Benefits: Repeating the entire set of movements left and right will help train your back and abdominal muscles, strengthen overall muscular fitness, and increase joint mobility.



2. Weightlifting movements to strengthen your arms

Benefits: Repeat three sets of movements to strengthen the biceps.



3. Jumping to strengthen cardiovascular and respiratory systems

Benefits: Repeat the following movements to strengthen the core muscles, and improve hip flexibility.



Benefits: Repeating the entire set of movements twice will strengthen functions of heart and lungs and enhance coordination.



4. Wiggle, wiggle and build muscle

Benefits: Firms up flabby areas of the abdomen and arms, and trains your back muscles for control and flexibility as well as making the spine more supple.



* Please note:
It is important to warm up properly before exercising as well as to continue with gentle movements after exercising. Exercise can be a lot of fun, but for safety reasons, please remember to keep the amount of exercise you do within sensible limits. If you have any doubts about whether these exercises are suitable for you, we recommend that you ask for advice from a doctor or other appropriate professional before starting.