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Hot lamb stew to nourish and warm in winter

Eating a nourishing winter diet is a traditional Chinese health preservation concept. To delight guests with warmth of delicious and nutritious cuisines, Di King Heen of Royal Plaza Hotel has well selected nourishing ingredients for a range of seasonal delicacies. Chef Kong, the Chinese Culinary Director, now demonstrates how to prepare a casserole of braised lamb brisket with bamboo shoots and black mushrooms.


Ingredients (serves four)
Lamb brisket 600g
Deep-fried bean curd sticks 80g
Sugar cane 100g
Water chestnut 40g
Black mushrooms 50g
Bamboo shoots 60g
Ginger 50g
Lemon leaf 8g
Garlic 30g
Shallots 30g
Chu Hou sauce 40g
Fermented bean curd sauce 40g
Red bean curd 40g
Oyster sauce 80g
Soy sauce To taste
Rock sugar 120g


  1. Sear the lamb with a torch and rinse it then remove the bones and cube it. Heat in a frying pan over low heat without oil for about five minutes then boil for about ten minutes. Place the lamb, sugar cane and lemon leaf in a clay pot to stew.
  2. Slice the bamboo shoots and ginger, finely chop the garlic and shallots and dice the water chestnuts.
  3. Deep fry the bamboo shoots and ginger in a wok until fragrant, then add to the clay pot.
  4. Lightly sauté the garlic and red onions in a wok then add Chu Hou sauce, fermented bean curd, red bean, oyster sauce, soy sauce, rock sugar and water to the wok and cook to a thick sauce. Add the sauce to the clay pot until it covers the lamb.
  5. Stew the lamb over medium heat for an hour then add the mushrooms and diced water chestnuts and simmer for another half hour.
  6. Finally, add the fried bean curd, turn off the heat and let the contents stew for about half an hour before serving.

Note: Lamb is considered as a ‘warm' food and should be served with Chinese lettuce. Pregnant women, young children and people prone to heat should not eat too much.

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Casserole of braised lamb brisket with bamboo shoots and black mushrooms
Royal Plaza Hotel Chinese Culinary Director Ricky Kong