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Funding students in institutions of higher learning

The SHKP - Kwoks’ Foundation is committed to developing talent, and it recently set up scholarships at two noted mainland and overseas universities to assist outstanding but financially-disadvantaged students complete their studies.

Cambridge scholarships open to mainland and Hong Kong students

The Foundation has been supporting outstanding students on the mainland through scholarships and bursaries to study overseas so that these future pillars of the nation and society can better equip themselves, nurturing their talents for the nation and bringing in the latest international professional knowledge. The Foundation recently began accepting applications from local and mainland students for its 2013 Full-cost Scholarship Scheme for PhD and Master’s Students, to let young people study at Cambridge and contribute to society after graduation.

Scholarships at Peking University

The Foundation has also committed RMB2.6 million to a three-year scholarship programme that will help an estimated 260 students pursue bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees at Peking University and in overseas exchanges from 2012 to 2014.

The SHKP-Kwoks’ Foundation
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