NOVO LAND development projects receive enthusiastic responses with featured activities bringing a Nordic-style living experience to SHKP Club members

Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) has carefully planned and constructed the new eye-catching regional landmark and the largest private residential project of NOVO LAND in Tuen Mun Town. This development owns the advantages of being situated next to two MTR stations on the Tuen Ma Line and on the doorstep of the Northern MetropolisA. Introducing epoch-making innovative ideas and smart technology, it aims to create a Nordic-style happy and healthy life for residents.

Members enjoy health and happiness at the exclusive Nordic Dessert-making Workshop

In line with the Nordic concept of happiness and healthy life promoted by the project, SHKP Club held a NOVO LAND Signature Nordic Dessert-making Workshop for Star Members, and invited star-class NOVO Chef Mabel Ho, who designed the special Nordic MenuB for the residents' clubhouse restaurant at NOVO LAND, to serve as instructor. Mabel led members and their loved ones in preparing a Rose Cinnamon Apple Cake with natural fresh ingredients and nutritious elements while sharing the characteristics of the cuisine style of Northern Europe, allowing everyone to experience the taste of health and happiness first hand. Participants responded enthusiastically to the activity, exchanged views with the instructor, and actively sought baking tips and tricks. Members finished making their delicious desserts with their loved ones and enjoyed them on the spot in the warm and pleasant evening. Please click here to view the recipe.

Chef's tips
• Nordic cuisine is mostly made with natural ingredients
• Cinnamon is a common spice in Northern Europe, which goes well with the sweet and sour taste of apples
• Brown sugar will colour the cake a pale yellow

Feedback from members and their friends and families

"We attended the NOVO LAND Nordic Creative Origami Workshop at the NOVO LAND show flat, and were delighted to join members’ event with our daughter again. The rose-shaped Nordic dessert was beautiful and we are very pleased."

"The event was well-organized and ran smoothly  The cake was easy to make and  learn. Even though we don't usually cook, we were still able to prepare the cake successfully thanks to the instructor’s detailed explanations and demonstrations."

"The price for a NOVO LAND residential unit is attractive and its clubhouse facilities are excellent. We look forward to the clubhouse holding similar activities after moving in, allowing residents to chill and relax. The overall arrangement of this workshop is great and full of interaction."

Member-exclusive show flat activities, property offersC and related events

SHKP Club also launched a range of exclusive activities at the show flat of the Phase of the Development, including a Nordic Herbarium Pens Workshop led by a professional tutor who showed members and their loved ones how to make elegant yet practical herbarium pens rich with Nordic features. Also at the venue was the NOVO LAND Show Flat Snapshot-taking Reward.  Members who instantly shared their snapshots taken with NOVO LAND Smart Partner NOVOBOT on their personal Facebook pages that marked the happy moment were able to receive a NOVOBOT limited edition magnet toy. Other property rewardsC and activities included discounts on property pricesC, real-time opinion sharing via the interactive digital kiosk to receive a HK$100 V city mall gift voucherD, etc.

Launch of NOVO LAND Phase 2B is highly praised by member buyers

NOVO LAND has launched Phase 2B in early March, and has partnered with SHKP Club to launch member-exclusive rewardsC. Members who have successfully purchased their favourite units are satisfied and have been sharing their joy. Please click here for details. (The contents are the personal opinions of the interviewees and are for reference only.)

"Outside the NOVO LAND project there is a bus stop which connects residents directly to the heart of Tuen Mun Town. I'm also looking forward to the project's Smart Home facilities. In the future, I will be able to turn on the lights in my home just by using my voiceE, and NOVO LAND's green environment also gives us a relaxed feeling when we come home from work."

"We have been keeping a close eye on NOVO LAND and are particularly interested in the indoor playground and swimming pool designed for children in the clubhouse.  The project also has a perfect transportation network. Having previously lived in an SHKP residential development in Yuen Long, we feel that SHKP's properties are built to a high standard."

"SHKP's residential projects have a good reputation and my elder sister bought a unit in NOVO LAND last year. I like the living environment of NOVO LAND, and this time I took advantage of the project sales to buy a unit so that my family can all live in the same residential estate. The units in the new phase are located atop a shopping mall, which is very convenient."


ASource: Northern Metropolis Development Strategy Report website ( The Vendor does not guarantee the accuracy or latest revision of the above URL. It is for reference only and may be different from the description in this advertisement/promotional material. The above-mentioned information does not constitute and shall not be construed as any offer, representation, undertaking or warranty whatsoever, whether express or implied, on the part of the Vendor.

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Name of the Phase of Development: Phase 1A, Phase 1B, Phase 2A and Phase 2B of NOVO LAND ("the Development")|District: Tuen Mun|Name of the street and the street number of the Phase: 8 Yan Po Road#|The website address designated by the Vendor for the Phase: (Phase 1A); (Phase 1B); (Phase 2A); (Phase 2B)|Enquiries: (852) 3119 0008

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