Members experience bus operations on the exclusive Parent-child KMB Bus Depot Tour

SHKP Club recently held the Parent-child KMB Bus Depot Tour for Star members, and the activity received an enthusiastic response. Under the guidance of a professional tour guide, members and their loved ones rode the bus to visit Sha Tin KMB bus depot where they interactively learned about how buses return to the depot and operate on a daily basis, such as petrol filling, bus washing, maintenance inspection, bus body advertising, and more. Participants were able to sit inside the bus and feel the process of the automatic bus washing machine as it washed the bus body, providing them with a whole new insight. The activity featured a variety of fun and informative sessions, including viewing vintage buses of different ages and models, learning more about the electricity charging facilities of electric buses and the many environmental protection measures (such as parts recycling) adopted by KMB, as well as visiting the training facilities for bus captains and having a go on the Driving Simulator. Members' children were also able to participate in the KMB-themed handicraft workshop and make their own special souvenirs. At the end of the event, everyone received a certificate for visiting the KMB bus depot and a beautiful gift, bringing the enjoyable weekend to a close.

Feedback from members and their friends and families

"This was the first time we have visited the KMB bus depot. It was an interesting theme with a whole range of different activities. My daughter was also delighted that she was able to take many photos and receive a gift! I take KMB buses often, and the Bus Estimated Time of Arrival function on its mobile app helps me to manage journeys and timings, making it both fast and convenient."

"We enjoy taking the bus. KMB buses are quiet and the seats are very comfortable. It was a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the inner workings of the bus depot and learn more about KMB's history, scope, and routes, and we hope to be able to attend SHKP Club activities again in the future."

"I usually take KMB buses because I can get to places I cannot reach by rail. It is convenient and direct, and it makes great parent-child quality time riding the bus and watching the scenery with my son on holidays. The most impressive part of the event was when everyone watched and felt the bus washing process together inside the bus. It was so fun and interesting!"

"We always take KMB buses. The residential estate where we live has different routes connecting to the districts, it is a great way to get out and about on holidays. The guide shared a lot of information about KMB in a relaxed manner and welcomed questions, and we were left deeply impressed."

"We live in Tuen Mun district and take KMB buses as it means we can travel "point to point" to reach our destination. Taking the bus to visit the KMB bus depot was a highly interactive experience and we are so glad we participated. The whole activity was well organised and the guide gave very clear explanations."

Information of KMB
  • KMB was founded in 1933, and its new 12-metre electric double-decker bus is equipped with the latest Blade Battery technology, which enables the double-decker to travel around 300 kilometres after charging for about three hours

  • Route 960X, running between Quarry Bay and Hung Shui Kiu, is KMB's longest journey distance at 50.5 kilometres

  • KMB Academy is the first institution in Hong Kong accredited by the Qualifications Framework providing professional training programmes for franchised bus maintenance personnel and bus captains

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