Terrarium for Home Greenery Online Workshop helps members boost the vitality of their homes

SHKP Club’s online themed workshops are always a hit with members. It recently held the DIY Terrarium for Home Greenery Online Workshop, during which the professional instructor taught members potted plant miniscape techniques via the online platform. Using various mosses and plants, as well as cute animal decorations from the popular brand Uppacase, members and their families were able to create unique home potted plant miniscapes to add a touch of nature to their homes.

A shot of natural vitality for the home

Green potted plants help to purify the air indoors and, when combined with cute home accessories, they can create a wonderful visual effect that adds vibrancy to the home environment. During the activity, members watched the live webcast and step-by-step demonstration together with their children. Under the guidance of the professional instructor, they gradually mastered the crafting tips, learned the layout and design techniques of the potted plant miniscape, and actively asked questions. They all responded enthusiastically to the activity, which showed the spirit of Loving Home Learning Together. Please click here to view the tutorial video. You can also brighten up your life by heading to MOKO, the SHKP mall, to shop for more home accessories at Uppacase.

We have specially summarised different tips and methods for maintaining the finished products:

Q: What skills do I need to make the potted plant miniscape?
A: Although the moss terrarium is small, it can hold within it a whole forest. You can be as creative as you like when making the product. Just use different techniques with various mosses and shade-loving plants to create a three-dimensional slope inside the glass container. As for landscaping techniques, it is recommended to place larger plants or decorations at the back of the moss terrarium to create miniature mountain forests and jungles, and put smaller feather moss towards the front to create a grass effect.

Q: How do we take care of the finished product?
A: There are three aspects of care for the finished product:

  • Water and sunlight: Shade-loving plants used for this workshop include pincushion moss, hypnum moss and feather moss. The moss terrarium is shady and easy to take care of. For an uncovered terrarium, it is recommended to use filtered or dechlorinated water, sprayed once a day (about ten sprays each time) to maintain the humidity of the moss terrarium, trying not to allow water to collect at the bottom. Place in a cool, artificially lit place indoors, away from direct sunlight or intense sun exposure.
  • Trimming: Due to the slow growth of moss and its sensitivity to chemicals, trimming is not required and the use of chemical fertilisers should be avoided.
  • Lifespan: There is no fixed lifespan for a moss terrarium, and the plants can survive as long as the ecological environment inside the bottle remains suitable. Mosses have the same metabolism as regular plants and should be replaced with fresh moss if they turn black or begin to decompose.

Below are some of the members' comments on their creations and the workshop:

"My family absolutely loves the greenery and the potted plant miniscape is easy to take care of. The terrarium will now decorate our new home. The instructions were clear and easy to understand, and the workshop has taught me to recognise different species of moss. In addition to providing materials such as miniature potted plants, SHKP Club also prepared all the necessary tools. The workshop was really given every consideration."
By Ho Hiu-kwan (Star Member)

"Greenery looks great in the home, and the theme of this workshop was very appealing to me. The online learning was simple and convenient, making it easy for me to learn how to take care of mosses."
By Lee Wing-huen (Star Member)

"I am going to give my hand-made terrarium decoration to my loved ones. Thank the instructor for carefully teaching and explaining the characteristics of the different mosses and for giving us other useful tips."
By Lam Yin-ling (Star Member)

"I really like making small crafts, so I was attracted to the theme of this workshop. This is the first time I have learned turfing and potted plant miniscape layout techniques! I am going to put my terrarium in my office so that it can remind me to relax while I'm working hard for my family."
By Leung Hui-wah (Star Member)

"Greenery can make the home more green and ease the mind. The decorations inside the terrarium are cute and lively, adding a fun element to our home. This activity taught me more about how to structure a terrarium, the characteristics and shapes of different mosses and the skills required to care for the plants."
By Cheung Man-yee (Star Member)

"I am so happy with this workshop's arrangement. I can stay safe at home and continue to learn during the pandemic, which puts my family's minds at ease. The instructor's demonstration was clear and everything was explained in detail, which helped me make a finished product that exceeded my expectations. The activity taught me miniature potted plant design techniques which have given me a better understanding of mosses and how to grow small plants. I really learned a lot. I will place the terrarium on my desk at home to add a touch of vitality and make my home more beautiful. When I feel tired, I can relax and rest my eyes on the green plants."
By Mok Kit-lai (Star Member)

"Thanks to SHKP Club providing all the materials and tools and the instructor's detailed explanations. I am now able to recognise the variety and characteristics of different mosses as well as understand the materials and steps involved in making this potted plant decoration. I will place the finished product on my desk so that my children can learn how to take care of potted plants. This will help them to cultivate a sense of responsibility and a feel for the life energy of the plants. It also creates a warm and refreshing atmosphere at home."
By Tsui Hiu-yun Venus (Star Member)

"The small green plants make us feel peaceful and happy, and they add to the vitality of the home. This creative activity was attractive and it taught me useful potted plant miniscape layout techniques."
By Choi Ko-ching (Star Member)

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