Members learned to make floral lamps online to express love and care

SHKP Club's online themed workshops have been a favourite with members since their debut. We recently hosted the DIY Floral Letter Lamp Online Workshop for Star Members. A professional florist was invited to teach the members via an online platform how to make personalised floral decoration lamps for their loved ones using preserved flowers such as roses, hydrangea and hare's tail grass, along with beautiful artificial flowers from the popular Japanese furniture brand Francfranc, all woven seamlessly around a stand in the shape of the member's chosen letter.

Unique meanings expressed by DIY lamp stands

This workshop is specially arranged for Star Members to select their own letters in advance, enabling them to express unique wishes and special blessings to their families and bring even more love into the home. The stylish and elegant design of the floral lamp stand combines lighting with a decorative purpose, creating a heart-warming and practical home gift. Through the live broadcast and demonstration, as well as the detailed explanation given patiently by the tutor, members and their children were able to learn the characteristics of a variety of flower materials and lamp making techniques. They actively asked questions and interacted with the florist to bring out the spirit of Loving Home Learning Together. Please click here to watch the tutorial video for the Floral Letter Lamp creation. You are also welcome to visit the Franfranc store at HomeSquare and purchase various floral decorations to enhance your living place.

We have specially summarised different tips and methods for maintaining the finished products:

Q: What should be the focus when assembling the floral letter lamp?
A: First place the main flowers diagonally to create a sense of balance, then surround them with small flowers. Put flower materials of different shades of colour together, with clear layering and spacing to highlight the outline of the letters. Bending the flowers to face in different directions can enhance the vitality of the piece, while allowing some flowers to protrude slightly from the lamp stand can add a three-dimensional feel. If necessary, use a glue gun to affix larger flowers, and floral glue can be applied to securely stick lighter flowers to the letter stand.

Q: How do we maintain and take care of the finished lamp?
A: Too much moisture can affect the quality of the flowers. We suggest placing the finished lamp in a dry place with good air flow. Do not soak in water. Preserved flowers can generally be stored for about 3 years. Avoid putting them near windows, as direct sunlight can discolour and crack the petals. The weather in spring is relatively humid, so lightly spray the flowers' surface from a distance with alcohol can prevent mildew.

Below are some of the members' comments on their creations and the workshop:

"I think the theme of this workshop is really interesting. The letter C represents my family name, and I intend to give the finished lamp to my family for home decoration."
By Chong Shuk-nga (Star Member)

"I was delighted to receive the beautiful array of flower materials for the workshop. I will decorate my living room with this lamp that represents my family."
By Sit Tsz-yan (Star Member)

"Online learning gave me plenty of time to experience creating a floral lamp, and I chose the letter H for my creation to symbolise hope."
By Mak Yuet-yan Annie (Star Member)

"The preserved and artificial flowers were of excellent quality. I specially made this beautiful lamp stand using the letter J to represent my children, and to give it to them as a gift."
By Mak Lai-kwan (Star Member)

"I absolutely love this floral lamp and all the materials are exquisite. The letter W is my initial, and this lamp stand will be a unique decoration in my living room."
By Choi Wing-yan (Star Member)

"I cannot meet my loved ones much during the pandemic. K represents my name, and I hope this letter lamp will bring my family happiness and warmth when I give it to them."
By Cheng Ka-yee (Star Member)

"This lamp that symbolises HAPPY and HOME will decorate my place. The tutor demonstrated and explained everything so clearly and learning online made it very convenient."
By Hui Kam-fung Lilian (Star Member)

"This workshop allowed the participants to ignite our creativity and the florist taught us patiently. I made my lamp using the letter F for my name to make it more distinctive."
By Yu Wing-yan (Star Member)

Address of Francfranc: Shop 110-112, L1, HomeSquare