SHKP Club's online Christmas workshop brings festive flair to members' homes

SHKP Club's online themed workshops have always been well received by members. The Club recently organised the DIY Christmas Tree Online Workshop exclusive for Star Members, where members and their loved ones were able to create unique Christmas tree decorations together to welcome the festive season, realising the Bliss of Loving Home spirit.

Exquisite handcrafted Christmas trees for a festive atmosphere

A professional florist was invited for this activity to show participants via an online platform how to use festive floral decorations such as pine needles, pine cones and dried fruits, along with beautiful Christmas ornaments by the popular Japanese furniture brand, Francfranc, to craft trendy and unique Christmas tree decorations for homes. This small, exquisite and colourful decoration gives a 3D effect accompanied by the scent of pine, bringing more festive cheer to the home. It can also be a perfect Christmas gift for loved ones to share the joy and blessings of the holiday season.

During the workshop, the instructor carefully explained the characteristics of the materials and shared tips on the ways to make the Christmas tree look more divine. Star Members and their children were devoted to the creation following along with the live broadcast and demonstration. They actively asked questions and interacted with the instructor as well. We have specially summarised different production techniques and tips for maintaining the finished products.

Q: What should be the focus when assembling and decorating the Christmas tree?
A: Separate the pine needles into four to five layers, with longer branches at the bottom, and then extending layer by layer from bottom to top. The pine branches need to be slightly tilted downward when inserted into the foam base so that the tree shape looks more natural. Heavier and bigger fruits and hanging ornaments can be placed at the bottom or in empty spaces, and make sure the ornaments are put at different angles around the entire tree.

Q: How do we maintain and take care of the finished tree?
A: Keep the Christmas tree topped up with water and out of direct sunlight. Gently spray water onto the surface of the pine needles to keep them from drying out, which makes them look brighter and greener.

Here are some of the members' holiday wishes for their families and notes about the festive home decorations:

"I will use the Christmas tree to decorate my living room or bedroom to add holiday flair. The Christmas tree photo will be sent to my family and relatives so that they can share in the joy and blessings. The instructor explained things so well and answered participants' questions professionally. This online learning format is undoubtedly the best choice during the pandemic. "
By Chu Cheuk-man (Star Member)

"My Christmas wish is for a healthy and happy family. The materials and ornaments for the Christmas tree are nice and colourful. I will put the tree in a prominent area at home where my family and I can easily admire it together. "
By Siu Ka-ying (Star Member)

"I wish good health and peace to my family! I will place the finished product in our living room as a Christmas decoration. The workshop was arranged very attentively, and the creation was simple and easy to learn. "
By Ku Chun-fai (Star Member)

"The best blessing is having a happy and healthy family who all get along well together. The instructor gave explanations patiently and the floral decorations were very fresh. I was glad to participate in this activity with my family. "
By Ho Chung-yan Vivian (Star Member)