SHKP Club's online Easter workshops enhance members' home space

SHKP Club's themed online workshops are popular with members. Recently, the Club organised two Easter home storage workshops for Star Members and their loved ones to create practical home storage decorations. This helped make their living space more stylish and tidy, and allowed families to experience the joy of working together, embodying "The Bliss of Loving Home" spirit.

Easy, flexible storage with a youthful bunny design

"Easter Bunny Storage Case Online Workshop" was hosted by Sikfa Studio's founder and tutor. She used an online platform to guide members how to use dip art, copper wires, resin and other crafting materials to shape crystal daisies. Participating members then paired these crystal creations with unique Easter Bunny Accessory Storage Cases from the trendy furniture brand HOMELESS, as well as lovely Easter egg-shaped decorations, to form vivid Easter and Spring-time home storage decorations. The finished products are beautiful and practical, they decorate members' homes and help members easily and neatly store their accessories. By starting small and integrating storage into daily life, good home organisation skills and storage habits can be developed to enhance a living space.

During the workshop, the instructor patiently explained the characteristics of various materials, carefully demonstrated the steps for winding the crystal flowers and leaves, as well as the colouring techniques. This enabled Star Members and their children to easily master the processes and skills. Participants showed an enthusiastic response, actively asking questions and interacting with the instructor. We have summarised different tips for creating dip art and maintaining the finished products below:

Q: What should I pay attention to when dipping resin into colour?
A: The dipping direction should be from the bottom-up in a gentle motion. The best dip depth is at a position where the resin is dipped into the outer frame of the copper wire. The extra resin can be wiped off with a wooden lolly stick to avoid it becoming too thick due to repeated dipping. After colouring, it takes at least 45 minutes to air-dry before the assembly. Better results can be achieved if you leave it to dry for 4 to 5 hours.

Q: How can I make the work look more like daisies?
A: The copper wire frame of the petals should be similar in size. You can create a slight unevenness along the top edges, and use pliers to more accurately delineate the shape. When assembling petals, try to line them up to be level, remembering to leave a small gap between each set of petals. Arranging leaves at different heights also makes the work look more natural.

Q: How do we take care of the crystal flower bouquets?
A: Brushes with soft, long bristles can be used to remove dust from surfaces. Avoid placing the finished product under direct sunlight or spotlight, as strong light can accelerate petal aging or cause discolouration.

Below are some of the members' works and their thoughts about home decorations:

"The finished product is nice and useful. Thank you SHKP Club! I will put it on my accessory cabinet to arrange my accessories as soon as I get home. The format of the online workshop was simple and engaging, even my Primary Five daughter offered to help me make the crystal flowers."
by Tang Po-shan (Star Member)

"I will place the work beside the plant cabinet, decorating my home with real plants."
by Goh Hung-ha (Star Member)

"I will put the Bunny Storage Case on my desk for some light relief when my work gets dull. I love the crystal flower bouquets very much as they are colourful and crystal clear. Learning online during the pandemic feels much safer."
by Wong Gar-yip (Star Member)

"The work will be placed near the dressing table for easy access to small accessories like rings or bracelets. E-learning allows us to replay videos at any time to grasp the key points. For effective home storage, the most important thing is to be 'sparing' and cut down on excess items."
by Szeto Kit-yee (Star Member)

The accessories storage item used in this workshop was selected from HOMELESS, a tenant of HomeSquare, one of the Group's shopping malls. You are welcome to visit the store to find more stylish homewares.

Address of HOMELESS: Shop 105-107, L1, HomeSquare