Easter Egg Storage Lamp Online Workshop encourages multi-use products for making the most of living space

SHKP Club has invited a professional instructor from Make Centre again for its recent "Easter Egg Storage Lamp Online Workshop". The instructor taught members via an online platform the way to create a unique Easter Egg Storage Lamp, using a double-layer accessories storage box from the popular home furnishing brand HOMELESS, and colourful cotton threads. This lamp is stylish and elegant, and features a cool three-dimensional effect. It also combines lighting, storage and decoration in one, making it a highly practical homeware item that helps simplify and beautify the home. We hope to encourage everyone to explore different flexible furniture or furnishings with multiple functionalities, achieving a better use of home space and enhancing the quality of living.

Participating Star Members and their children watched the live broadcast and created the lamps together, enjoying a joyful family time. We have gathered the method and skills for making the storage lamp below:

Q: Are there any tips for coiling the cotton threads into a lamp base?
A: Winding the thread in a criss-cross pattern at oblique angles stabilises the structure and makes use of the intersection as a hook for easy storage. The spacing between the cotton threads should be kept at about 2 to 3 cm.

Q: How can we master the Easter Egg design?
A: A balloon can help. Its recommended diameter is 14 cm to match the base size. If the balloon is too thin, it will be difficult to remove it once the work has dried. Leaving it long enough to dry helps the work take shape. You may also first dry the balloon's surface with a hair drier and then hang it to air-dry further for at least 8 hours.

Q: How do we care for the finished product?
A: Regularly wipe the surface gently with a dry cloth. Avoid using a damp cloth as moisture will dissolve the glue and soften the lamp base.

Below are some of the members' creations and their home storage tips:

"Regularly decluttering things that have not been used for a long time is one way to improve my living space. The finished piece is stylish and festive. The making process was quite challenging, but I was happy that I managed to complete it with my partner."
by Chim Yik-kin (Star Member)

"I will place the finished product on the coffee table in the living room and put some individually wrapped sweets in the storage case for added use."
by Cheung Lai-kan (Star Member)

"The work will decorate my shelving unit. In daily life, I always use storage boxes to sort things and keep my home tidy. I like attending online workshops because travelling time can be saved. Children are also able to follow the virtual demonstrations and make the work by hand at home, giving them a great sense of satisfaction."
by Ko Sze-wai Sylvia (Star Member)

The accessories storage item used in this workshop was selected from HOMELESS, a tenant of HomeSquare, one of the Group's shopping malls. You are welcome to visit the store to find more stylish homewares.

Address of HOMELESS: Shop 105-107, L1, HomeSquare