Star Members welcome in the festive season with their loved ones at the exclusive Christmas Floral Online Workshop

SHKP Club's diverse online workshops have been well received by members. Recently, the Club hosted an all-new Christmas Floral Online Workshop for Star Members. A professional florist was invited to use the online platform to explain and demonstrate how to use a wooden case from the popular Japanese furniture brand, Francfranc, as well as colourful American pine needles, rose hip, pine cones and gypsophila to craft a unique floral Christmas decoration, to add festive cheer to members' homes. With this elegant, 3D floral creation having the sweet fragrance of pine, participants can surprise their loved ones, and express love and Christmas blessings.

Personalised Christmas decorations for the home are truly meaningful

The floral decorations were easy to make, which was perfect for Star Members to join with their children. During the workshop, whole families worked together, following along with the live broadcast. This enhanced mutual communication, embodying collaboration and the Spirit of Loving Home. The workshop was also meaningful in stimulating creativity. We specially compiled some of the members' finished products, sharing their Christmas wishes for families, and ways to celebrate this festive season together.

"Wishing a Merry Christmas, good health, harmony at home, peace and happiness! We placed the finished product near the door. Anyone who comes into the house can see this fabulous Christmas decoration and smell the great aroma of Christmas pine. Everyone feels refreshed and full of Christmas cheer, for a wonderful holiday together."
by Cheung Mun-yee (Star Member)

"Have a safe and joyful Christmas! We placed our floral creation on the dining table to bump up the festive atmosphere at our Christmas dinner."
by Ng Fu (Star member)

"Wishing my family members good health! I hope that all of the viruses will be defeated and everyone can return to normal life! I put our floral ornament on the piano in the living room so it can be viewed more often. We can also enjoy the delicate scent of pine coming from the branches."
by Lo Oi-yan (Star member)