First SHKP Club wedding anniversary celebration at Ma Wan Park

How to pursue eternal love? Following Sun Hung Kai Properties' belief in Building Homes with Heart, the SHKP Club promotes domestic harmony among its 280,000 members and the general public through a series of loving home activities.

Three couples who are members of the Club were the first to celebrate their wedding anniversaries at the Park of love and harmony. Witnessed by the flying birds and the bird nest models that symbolize a new stage in life and the loving home, the couples of different ages vowed their commitment to eternal love.

The Club is promoting SHKP's Building Homes with Heart ideal through the romantic stories of the three couples. The details vary, but the stories have thing in common: true love so powerful it can stand the tests of time, adversity and geographical boundaries. Their stories are so touching and perhaps underline a general social harmony in our city.

Commitment to a Happy Family

Chan Ping-fai and his wife Wong Yin-chun are both over 70 and have a big family with grandchildren. Their love has lasted six decades since the couple met when they were just 17. "The moment I decided to have our own family, I have been committed to offering Yin-chun a happy home, and that hasn't changed since," said Ping-fai. It is this commitment that makes his wife feel as sweet as she did 60 years ago. "I was a driving coach, a taxi driver, a government driver and also worked in the Post Office. I have worked in almost all trades and would do all I could to support my family," said Ping-fai, adding that he was pleased to work over 16 hours a day. If hard work could bring his family happiness, Ping-fai was happy about it.

"During the 1967 riot, Ping-fai was at work while I was at home worried about his safety," said Yin-chun as she recalled the turbulent moments in Hong Kong's history and how the hard time bonded them closer. Ping-fai vowed to take even better care of Yin-chun after his retirement, saying: "You have tired yourself too much with the daily chores for me; now let me help you with the housework!" This commitment and mutual support underlined the couples' lasting love over half a century, and it has also influenced their children. "Our children also have very good marriages; they and their spouses are sweet to each other even after being married for over 30 years." Their story tells how a loving home can pass from one generation to the next.

dversity Makes Our Love Stronger

Married for 18 years, Ng Choi-ling and her husband Mr Leung have two daughters. She admitted she was a 'spoiled' wife, but after her husband got cancer, her life changed completely. "At that time, I had really a lot to worry about. I'd go to work and take care of the two daughters. My husband underwent chemotherapy and my parents-in-law were also very sick at the same time, meaning I needed to run between different hospitals to take care of them. It was a tiring time," said Choi-ling. However, she found the adversity a good test of their love. "The fact that my husband got cancer was a blessing in disguise. The experience taught me where I wasn't doing quite enough for him. During his recovery, while I took care of him, I realized I cared and loved him even more."

At the wedding ceremony in Ma Wan Park, the couple vowed: "I love you till death do us part, despite adversity and disease." Ms Ng learnt from her husband's adversity that she needs to care her family. This understanding drove her to give Mr Leung unceasing support during his illness and her action attested to her lasting commitment.

Mutual Trust in Cross-Boundary Marriage

Beijing handball player Jia Dong-Jin and his Hong Kong wife had been 2000 km apart, until a handball match brought the two together. Mrs Jia was a worker at a handball competition in Beijing. When she felt helpless with the language barrier, a caring Mr Jia came to her rescue and listened to her carefully. She felt so moved by his care and the two started to go out together. Mrs Jia found mutual trust very important in their cross-boundary love and they eventually had their own family. "Before we got married, we were far apart in different places so we did not see each other regularly like other couples do. Sometimes, I didn't get his letters for six months and was so anxious waiting for his words. I think if we did not have strong mutual trust, we couldn't have lasted that long."

Mr Jia sacrificed his sporting career and left behind his family and friends in Beijing where he lived for 30 years, and came to Hong Kong for a new life with his wife, although it's a totally new place for him. This time Mrs Jia helped her husband overcome the language barrier and settle in Hong Kong. This is a story of how mutual trust shapes a loving happy family.

Wedding Service at Ma Wan Park

/files/act489p6.jpgMa Wan Park is a theme park of beauty and love. The Sweet Garden and Hilltop Lookout are open for hire for outdoor weddings and parties for up to 100 guests. Services include a wedding oath celebrant, stage and backdrop decorations, ribbons, AV equipment, a wedding cake, bubble-making machine and more. Newlyweds can also print their names on the Love Boulder, which will be displayed in the Park for two years.

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