Carpets, curtains and wallpapers

The following advice is recommended herewith free of charge and is for consideration only. Please consult a professional as and when appropriate. We do not accept any responsibility nor shall we indemnify against any person for any loss or dissatisfaction being suffered arising from the reliance of our advice.

Carpets maintenance tips
  • Should keep the dust, spills and other dirt away from the carpets.
  • Vacuum weekly.
Curtain maintenance tips
  • You can dust with a feather duster or vacuum frequently.
  • You can put thin curtains in the washing machine and hang back on the window immediately.
  • Chlorine bleach can cause colours to fade and damage dobby fabric.
  • Should read the label instructions before washing.
Wallpaper maintenance tips
  • Plaster the wall, then apply sizing before hanging wallpaper, to prevent moisture bubbling.
  • You can wipe off dust with a feather duster or use a diluted cleaner to take care of any stains, rinsing with water and wiping with a dry towel.
Carpets, curtains and wallpapers