Electrical appliances

The following advice is recommended herewith free of charge and is for consideration only. Please consult a professional as and when appropriate. We do not accept any responsibility nor shall we indemnify against any person for any loss or dissatisfaction being suffered arising from the reliance of our advice.

Daily use
  • Follow the manufacturer's safety and operating instructions.
  • Unplug the machine when cleaning.
  • Do not operate appliances unattended.
Electrical connections
  • Use only approved plugs.
  • Do not overload the electrical outlet.
  • High consumption electrical appliances should have an independent electrical connection.
  • Damaged or frayed electrical cords should be replaced, not repaired with tape.
  • Make sure the appliances currently in use are properly insulated. If they're not, have a qualified electrician do the necessary checks and installations.
  • Check the main circuit breakers to confirm the location of short.
  • Ensure that appliances are well ventilated during operation.
Keep appliances dry
  • Don't operate appliances near water.
  • Don't touch appliances or electrical connections if your hands are wet.
In case of accident
  • Don't try to unplug the appliance by hand.
  • Use something insulated to move the appliance, to avoid electric shock.
  • Turn the power off at the main switch.
  • Have a qualified electrician perform the necessary repairs.
Electrical appliances