Wood floor

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Maintenance tips:
  • Taking into account Hong Kong's warm and humid weather, carpenters purposely leave narrow gaps between floorboards to allow for expansion.
  • Keep windows open for good ventilation. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers may be used to maintain a proper humidity level.
  • Clean the floor regularly to avoid scratches.
  • Use an upside-down carpet to move bulky furniture.
  • Do not use oil or wax cleaners on the floor.
  • Do not apply cleaners directly to the floor.
General knowledge
  • Wood selection criteria based on:
    • smooth surface with no knots or cracks, and
    • should be the least possible variation in the colour.
  • Moisture can discolour a floor and make it expand. Workers should not be allowed to mix water-based materials like cement and paint directly on a wood floor.
Wood floor