Storing seasonal clothes

The following advice is recommended herewith free of charge and is for consideration only. Please consult a professional as and when appropriate. We do not accept any responsibility nor shall we indemnify against any person for any loss or dissatisfaction being suffered arising from the reliance of our advice.

  • Perspiration can turn clothes yellowish overtime, so wash all clothes before packing away.
  • Dry the wardrobe with a dehumidifier or hair dryer before storing clothes; and place moisture traps inside after packing away the clothes.
  • Separate clothes according to colour and material, and don't pack plastic and leather garments in the same bag as they may stick together.
  • Don't put clothes in plastic bags, because they attract dust and the lack of ventilation can promote mould. Use cotton cloth for better air circulation.
  • Leave deodorants and mothballs in the package so the chemicals don't touch your clothes and cause discolouration.
  • Check wardrobes regularly to see if moisture traps are full or deodorants need changing.
Storing seasonal clothes