Loving Home

Loving Homes Support the Family Comics Workshop

The SHKP Club had local cartoonist Kong Kee hosting a Loving Homes Support the Family Comic Workshop on 31 August to encourage members create family-themed personalized cartoons.

Members at the workshop said that drawing cartoons helped them understand their family members, and they were also able to demonstrate their creativity and strengthen communication between family members in the process. Cultivating keen sense of observation through comics.

Kong Kee introduced the works of famous cartoonists at the workshop. Participants could learn from admiring the works and developing their powers of observation. Observation is an essential requirement for a cartoonist and helps promote family relationships. Paying more attention to how family members interact and their personalities and preferences enables people to appreciate their efforts to maintain the family. He also demonstrated how to draw faces and express emotions, explaining facial proportions and the use of exaggerated expression to amplify the features of cartoon characters with simple strokes. Kong Kee then encouraged participants to try to create four-frame loving home comic strips, putting their closest family members into their works.