Loving Home

Result of the "Most Heartfelt Home Moments" Competition

SHKP Club is pleased to announce the winners of the "Most Heartfelt Home Moments" Competition. Awardees will be contacted by the end of October for the prize collection arrangement.

Overwhelming support has been received for the competition. Participants use various ways to share their most touching and memorable stories of family life. Genres include essays, poems, drawings, photos, videos and handicrafts, which demonstrates great effort and ideas. Please read the winning entries of each category to learn about different heartwarming stories and the tips for bringing families closer together.


Member Category

Champion 黃俊英 爸爸的萬能卡
First Runner-up 陳雪虹
Second Runner-up 廖銘輝 水到渠成
Merit Prizes

Open Category - Senior

Champion 黃俊庭 了不起的公公
First Runner-up 張小華 手機上的相片
Second Runner-up 鍾世傑 家,是我永遠嚮往的地方
Merit Prizes

Open Category - Intermediate

Champion 袁靖旻 久違了的湯水
First Runner-up 何俊熙 有心,便有家
Second Runner-up 莫健彬 家中最真誠感動一刻
Merit Prizes

Open Category - Junior

Champion 陳蒨燑 為我遮風擋雨的媽媽
First Runner-up 黎珈滎 外婆橋 – 念遙遙
Second Runner-up 陳以呈 藏在荔枝樹後的秘密
Merit Prizes

Loving Home Faithfully School Award

Champion Toi Shan Association Primary School
First Runner-up Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School
Second Runner-up St. Francis of Assisi's College